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Big mistakes we make while using the iPhone for the first

Whenever the time comes for an individual to purchase an iPhone, at first excitement reaches to the highest level. No matter how much fascinated we are, however, we can never find peace with the new technology if we start making mistakes while we use it. We can approach the iPhone repairs in San Francisco later to deal when the issue has gradually surpassed our expectations. However, we can still prevent ourselves from falling in the pit again per following the crucial points mentioned below.

Charging the phone

It is a mandatory fact to exchange the charger between friends when in need. Charging the iPhone with another charger would certainly result negatively. It is especially necessary to take note of if the charger is real or fake. If we are using phony charger only to save more money, we might end up causing the phone to explode.

No backup

One of the most disastrous risks an iPhone user makes is related to backups. If somehow, we end up losing the precious phone to either theft or absentmindedness, we might be doomed if we don’t have reserves ready to serve us. iPhones usually have the facility of backing up everything on the iCloud through settings. We also get about 5gb storage to get the backup ready before we can do anything else. In this way, even if we lose the phone, we wouldn’t have to an iPhone with deleted data.

Notification issue

Sometimes we might forget everything about the notification once we start downloading apps. The messages and other aspects also fill up the notification area that can annoy us to no end. This can be a minor mistake that can turn the phone into a disaster if we keep ignoring it. We can, therefore, select the applications that we often use.

Strongest and the weakest

Of course, when we start the comparison of us and the iPhone, we would perhaps be the strongest one. iPhones, on the other hand, don’t have enough strength to serve us even in extremely hot or cold temperature. The phone can effectively run between the ranges of 32°F and 95°F. If we persistently use the iPhone even in the crappy environment, it can result badly for us.

iPhone case

iPhone users would always strive to keep the phone in the topmost condition. However, once we end up forgetting to get the phone case, we can face severe consequences. iPhones are accustomed to fall and end up cracking the screen, especially if we have purchased the package for the first time. No case shouldn’t be an excuse behind the disastrous situation of the iPhone.

Cleaning the phone

According to the experts, the screen of an unwashed iPhone contains bacteria about ten times greater than the original plan. At that time, we can approach the shop and get iCloth wipes. If we can’t get this one, we can find microfiber cleansing cloth.

No updates

Sometimes we might feel both lazy and shortly funded up get the updated version. However, the reason why most of us might ignore the updates is the time iOS takes for the installation. It is also a worst-case scenario when we strive to use an outdated version for detection and removal of malware. Therefore, we need to install the latest operating system and applications on the iPhone.


We can approach the iPhone repairs in Daly city experts and get the phone repaired quickly. We shouldn’t contact the firm offering us less-experienced workers to solve the issue. We might have to take up initial efforts after purchasing the iPhone by taking care of it properly without raising any problems so that we can prevent it in the future.

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