What is Car suspension systems

We often take the suspension system of our vehicles for granted, the struts and the shocks. However, after supporting tons of metal every year, we see how the shocks eventually wear out and the suspension repair becomes necessary. A lot of people accidentally believe that suspension is all about maintaining a smooth ride which further means that the current repairs are not as important as the numerous others like brakes and oil changes. If you’ve have bad suspension then you will have a tough time getting to control the vehicle especially when you’re turning or stopping the vehicle. Therefore it is in your best interest to not ignore this precise part of the  Car Repair Apps for Android and auto maintenance. How does one know when it is time for the suspension repair? The vehicle will usually let you know. Given below are a few signs with the help of which you can know.

  1. The car rides roughly. Most people out there can tell when their struts and shocks are wearing out when they start feeling every bump on the road or when every bump out there causes the vehicle to double take and bounce. A rough ride equals to the suspension needing work.
  2. Pulling during turns or drifting. With a failing suspension system you will often feel the vehicle starting to pull or drift when you’re turning. This basically tells you that the shocks no longer protect the body and make it stable against the force of a turn that is centrifugal in nature. This also increases the chances of a rollover. When you’re turning you will be able to feel this sensation and that will mean that it is time to take your car to the auto repair shop for fixing and servicing.
  3. Nose dives or dips when you stop. When you see the shocks worn out, you’ll be likely to feel the body of the vehicle lurching face foward and moving downward, nose first when you apply the brakes as firmly as possible. This is pretty dangerous because it can affect your complete ability to stop the car as quickly as possible and a bad suspension is bad news because it increases the stop time up to 20 percent.
  4. Take a good look at the tires. If you see the thread is wearing down on your tires in an uneven way and you’re noticing bald spots in it, it can be a symptom that your suspension isn’t holding the car in an even manner and further puts a high dosage of pressure on the tires, all distributed unevenly.
  5. Oily and damaged shocks. If you go down under a vehicle, always look directly at the struts or the shocks. If they look oily or greasy in any way, there is a pretty good chance that they have been leaking fluid and aren’t working properly at all.

Last but not the least, always try the bounce test if you suspect that the suspension isn’t up to date and is going bad and you can’t get a Doorstep car Repair Application. Bounce your car a few times and if it does more than 2-3 times after it has been released, means that your car’s suspension is now old and wearing out.

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