Life in London, Ontario, in 2020

Are you up in the search for homes as residents in London? If you are busy preparing a list of the same and planning to buy, then this the brief guide to help you out.

London real estate is getting more attractive than before. It’s blooming vehemently. But before planning to reside here permanently, you need to get a clear idea of it’s flourish in 2020.

Here are some essential details of the same.

Green Parks and Spaces

Living in London, Ontario, can turn out to be mesmerizing for nature lovers. The City has a total of 21 Significant Environmental Places for fresh air to breathe. The spaces cover about 730 hectares. It hardly matters which part of the city you are Dwelling in. The BeautY and greenery of nature are never too far from you. With the beautiful Thames river running throughout the city, it has cut paths towards different wildlife sanctuaries and vegetative outgrowth. You are never too far from the beauty to soothe your mind to the fullest.

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The neighborhood parks are there, too, to provide refreshments. It’s beautiful, indeed how all the neighborhood in London has their lawns. Several activities can be carried out, such as lunch, picnic extravaganza, playing, and so on.

There are 11 skateboard parks in the city, allowing the skateboarders to learn tricks such as ramps, skate bowls, grind nails and so, on.

London Schools

London is an ideal location to do the schooling from. With outstanding institutes all around, London serves as a cultured place for education beginning from elementary to post-graduation and so on.


The Thames Valley district board is the one to run all the public educational institutions in London. There are about 50 elementary schools providing service in London, Ontario. After the successful completion of the 10th standard, your child will get many options for his higher secondary purpose.


Many people think private institutions to be the epitome of their child’s education. London has 20 private schools throughout the city. Irrespective of what your faiths and beliefs include, the schools are fit enough to meet the demand and criteria of a child’s psychology.


For people who desire to give their children private education under the catholic, there are 25 elementary and six secondary schools present to offer the concerned education.


If you are expecting some dazzling views, heading over to Kane Wood appears to be a good option over the Thames. Near the water edge, bald eagles and blue herons are seen now and then. Amidst this lush atmosphere, you are bound to forget if you lived anywhere before.

If you are simply planning for an afternoon walk, your destination should be Kilally Meadows above 10 km the trail system. Beautiful meadows, swamplands, and vegetation are very likely to catch your mind and attention.

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