Club Date in the Most Exclusive Clubs in London

Though they might not be the most romantic places to go out with your significant other, they sure do provide an entertaining and casual outing for couples, and are an amazing opportunity to have a first date, this because it easily breaks the ice, and it makes the situation more carefree. Luckily, London is the house to some of the most exclusive clubs, and you are guaranteed amazing service, as well as incredible music, drinks and possibly shows. So we have put together a list where you can enjoy a ‘Club Date in the Most Exclusive Clubs in London.

Roof Gardens

‘Roof Gardens’ are an amazing addition to the ‘Club Date in the Most Exclusive Clubs in London’ list. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the club scene in a different light. The gardens are amazing, and them being themed just adds to the uniqueness of this club. The roof provides an amazing view, and it makes drinking and enjoying the music all that better.


‘Mayfair’ is strategically situated in a zone filled with luxurious and amazing clubs, raising its prestige even more, making it an even more crucial part in our ‘Club Date in the Most Exclusive Clubs in London’ list. It is elegant, and actually, it is also kind of intimate, which is perfect for a date. Either way, it still belongs to a more traditional kind of club, which is amazing, because that is a recipe for a great night, and who knows, you might end up bumping into celebrities who are also out to celebrate this occasion, which is common with these clubs.

Club No. 41

Next on our ‘Club Date in the Most Exclusive Clubs in London’ we have ‘Club No. 41’. An interesting fact is that the name of the club derives by their very impressive menu of 41 different, unique cocktails, which are sure to put you in the mood for the night, and help you loosen up, or you can even share one with your date. Here you date will have the importance it deserves, because everything about this club screams luxury, and it is made to impress.


‘Mahiki’, which can also be translated as the path to the underworld in Polynesian, is a very popular club in the ‘Club Date in the Most Exclusive Clubs in London’, and frequently visited by various celebs. The reason why ‘Mahiki’ is so preferred, is because it has a more lenient policy, and it accepts the clientele as it comes, as long as they behave according to the rules, and are ready to have fun.

As you can see, you have an array of amazing choices laid out in front of you in our ‘Club Date in the Most Exclusive Clubs in London’ list. If you want to check out the most exclusive clubs in the world head out to Club Bookers Global and plan your next trip! There is not much need for explaining, because as you saw, every club contains its own treats and specialties, to provide you with an amazing night, and these are not even half of the array of choices you have. If you want to truly enjoy the night, you can contact us at London Night Guide or Club Bookers, and we will be in touch to make sure everything goes smoothly, and you get the best service possible in whichever club you choose to book, because really, there are no wrong choices. Enjoy!

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