Tips for Selecting a Comfy Couch

We spend so much time in our living room, and at the very center of the space’s purpose is comfort. Being comfortable is essential for a welcoming, relaxing living space, and that really starts with the furniture that you choose! Sadly, not all couches are made equally cosy and plush, there are actually quite a few elements that go towards making that perfectly comfortable sofa. When you’re shopping around it’s best to come in fully informed and ready, knowing exactly what makes a great couch. Follow these tips to hit the nail on the comfy couch head the first time around…

Think about the frame

Your sofa’s frame is the foundation of its overall look, feel and longevity, so it’s safe to say that it’s pretty important. Think about it, you can always switch out upholstery, decorative cushions or sofa cushions – you just can’t replace the frame. A lower quality sofa’s frame will be made out of metal, plastic or a feather-light wood, whereas a great one will be made from solid wood. Be sure to ask or check the product notes online to be sure of what you’re investing in!

Be smart and ask about the joinery

For your couch to be comfortable on the outside, it needs to be sturdy and strong on the inside. Now, this information is never going to be that obvious if present at all, so to find out you’ll need to ask a salesperson or email customer service. A poor couch’s joinery will be use glue, staples or metal nails whilst a good one will use corner blocks, dowels, screws or brackets. If your furniture provider cannot answer what the joinery method is, it’s best to steer clear and wait to find a model elsewhere where you can be given all your needed information.

Check the springs

Springs are a huge part of what makes your couch comfortable, and far too many people know absolutely nothing about them. You absolutely should be having a seat on a sofa if you’re making a big-time investment, however, this isn’t realistic for all of us and online shopping is sometimes the only option. To make sure you grab a comfy perch, look for serpentine springs or eight-way hand-tied springs. Serpentine springs are the most common, whilst eight-way are rather expensive and luxurious. Avoid couches that use webbing or mesh – they’re not comfortable and won’t last you long at all.

Padding matter

This goes for the couch’s base and for your cushions. Poor quality padding depletes over time leaving you with a flat and uncomfortable seat. For the couch cushions, place your hand firmly down, if the cushion doesn’t spring back up quickly, it’s not going to last you long. Look for high resistant foam, polyurethane or down blends for a snug seat.

Select upholstery and materials in accordance with your lifestyle

The fabric that you choose from your upholstery should blend in well with both your style expectations and your day to day lifestyle. If you’ve got little ones, pets and all kinds of chaos happening at home, you should opt for a mark resistant microfiber or leather. Maybe you want a couch that’s natural? Linen, cotton or linen-cotton blends. Other popular options include velvet and silk, which should be saved for calm homes that don’t mind quite of bit of couch upkeep.

By being careful about every element of your couch, instead of just the color, you’ll absolutely be investing in a piece that you’ll use and love for a long time to come! Get ready for many a comfortable chill! Shop for couches and ottomans in Sydney to start your journey.



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