Create Your Own Business Website with hPage

What is hPage

hPage is a free website builder that functions as an online tool so that anyone can create a website. If you are worried about coding, programming, or web design, you do not need to know how to do any of them. Just go to hPage and you will find yourself building a website in just a few steps.

So are you thinking about writing a blog? Having a website for your business? Creating a portfolio? Starting a project that needs online presence?

You can make a website easily using hPage.

How does hPage work

As a website builder, hPage allows you to build a professional website through the use of its Page Editor. The initial setup is also easy since you can get the primary components of a website through their interface.

Essentially, setting up a website only requires 3 basic things:

  • Website hosting
  • Website domain
  • Website template

With a website builder, you can get these three on the same platform at an affordable price.

What is the price for creating a website with hPage

There are two packages for this.

The first is a free plan where you pay nothing and you can still keep using hPage for completely free (no hidden charges). Of course, there are downsides to this such as only having access to basic features, limited storage space, limited website designs, and you will also get a domain ending of website builder’s URL. 

However, getting a free website plan is perfect for those who are just looking for a temporary website whether it may be for a special project, blog, event, or something else. The free plan is also good for those who are still undecided on which website builder to get. That way, they can experiment first with the website functions and check if the website builder is for them.

The second is a paid plan which gives you the premium experience of website building. For only about $6 per month, you can get premium website themes, premium business features, premium customer support, a top-tier domain name, larger storage space, and so much more for your content.

How to setup your own hPage website

To setup your own hPage website is very easy and anyone can do it. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to and on the upper right corner, click sign-up. You will be prompted to sign-up for an account. This is needed in order for you to build a website on their site dashboard.
  • Upon signing up, you will automatically get a free website with website hosting. As mentioned earlier, you can upgrade your account as soon as possible to a premium package or you can upgrade it much later at any given time. You can check out the hPage website builder and see if it is the right online tool for you when it comes to building your website.
  • To upgrade your website immediately, go to the ‘My Package’ menu on the hPage admin dashboard. In there, you will see a function to upgrade your website. Once you upgrade your website, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee for using the premium tools of hPage.
  • Whether you have a free plan or a paid plan, you will be prompted to type in your domain name. Type your chosen domain name so people will know your website address.
  • Pick a website template on hPage’s website design catalog. As of this writing, over 300 premade website templates are available for choosing. Just pick one that suits your style or your website’s brand. These site templates are customizable so feel free to change certain colors, fonts, and images as you see fit.
  • To add your files on your website, go to the ‘Files’ menu and add your files there. hPage will automatically sort out your files according to its type. The purpose of uploading files onto the dashboard is so that you can easily add the files to your web pages when you decide to create them.
  • Last step is to add and edit your web pages. To do this, go to ‘Pages’ on the menu. From there, you can add, edit, and manage your web pages. The Page Editor functions somewhat like a Word document where you can edit your content easily. Once you hit publish, you will immediately have a new web page which you can add to your website.

These are the simple steps you have to do to build your own website. They are very easy to do . Gone are those days where you have to get a website template, site host, and domain in different platforms. With website builders, anyone can create their own website right away for a fraction of the price.

Let’s now create a professional website. Go now to hPage and start your website today!

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