Why Should You Invest in Real Estate in Bangalore?
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Why Should You Invest in Real Estate in Bangalore?

You must be well aware of the names given to Bangalore in popular culture – like Pensioner’s Paradise, Silicon Valley of India, IT capital, Electronic City, Startup Capital, etc. The transition from retirement hub to the IT capital of India has resulted in a cascading growth effect in all sectors of the city, especially IT, manufacturing, health, and education.

This multifold growth has resulted in a massive demand for residential and commercial properties in Bangalore. Real estate developers are steadily coming up with projects like Sobha Lake Garden, which offers exquisite housing at competitive prices.

Let’s look at some prominent reasons that make Bangalore a prudent option for real estate investments:

-> Vast Employment Opportunities

Bangalore being the IT capital of India, houses some of the leading tech giants and MNCs. The city has also surfaced as the startup hub of the nation. Apart from these, there is ample scope of employment in industries like manufacturing, e-commerce, biotechnology, aeronautics, automobiles, retail, silk, science, and research, etc. These factors account for a continuous flow of white-collar jobs in the city.

-> Connectivity and Commutation

Bangalore is swarming with IT parks, business hubs, bio-parks, and sub-markets. The superlative ‘techno’ status of the city has thrust up the need for infrastructural advancements. The commencement of projects like 9 Namma Metro lines, most of which are already active, has connected every part of the city. A 34 km Hi-speed road link is also being developed to connect City Centre with Kempegowda International Airport.

-> Excellent Health and Education 

Quality healthcare services are quite crucial, and over the years, Bangalore has surfaced as one of the major medical centers of the country. 30% of the cardiac surgeries in India are done in Bangalore alone.

The city boasts of some excellent healthcare facilities like Narayana Health, which houses some of the best doctors and is equipped with the most advanced technology. Several reputed medical colleges and educational institutes like IIM, Raman Research Institute, National Aeronautical Laboratory, etc. are also located here.

-> High Resale Value and Returns

With the increasing influx of people into the city, the demand for housing spaces ceases to exist in Bangalore. So, the upward trend that the real estate industry is witnessing here is not going to take a U-turn any time soon. The cumulative effect of these factors is testified in the recent rise in prices of property in Bangalore. This means that real estate investors have great potential for generating very good returns by investing in this city.

-> Array of Choices

Bangalore offers a plethora of choices in terms of housing options. Be it an investor or a homebuyer, one can find several affordable, mid-income and luxurious villas, houses, or flats in Bangalore. The fact that people from all income groups can buy a home in this city increases its repute as one of the best destinations for property investment.

If you are planning to buy a property in Bangalore, you can use assistance from any of the financial service’ providers in the city. For instance, you can opt for home loans. Additionally, you can also avail special services like top-up loan, property search assistance, balance transfer facility, etc.

There are some other reasons which make the real estate market of Bangalore one of the best investment avenues in India. Furthermore, owning a 1/2 BHK flat in Bangalore can provide significant rental income as every year there is a massive influx of workforce from other parts of the country.

The city is undergoing rapid infrastructural advancements. Quality public transport, great connectivity, good higher education, prestigious research institutes, and advanced healthcare, further adds up to the USP of the place.

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