Different Types of Powder Makeup to Add to your Kit

Powder makeup is perfect for those of us who’s skin is slightly shinier, oilier or just doesn’t like makeup sitting on it all day. It’s the perfect mattifying formula that, when layered correctly, will last all day and night. Powder is also great for beginner makeup users who aren’t that confident with all of the cream, liquid and cream-to-powder options out there, it’s so forgiving, blendable and moveable that it takes a lot of the work out of application for you.

First things first, you need to differentiate between pigmented and translucent powder:

Translucent: Translucent powder doesn’t have any pigment in it. This colourless powder doesn’t even your skin tone or provide any kind of coverage whatsoever, so it’s really best used for finishing your makeup at the end of your routine. This can be found in pressed and loose forms for home or on the go application. Colourless powder will still mattify your face and take down shine throughout the day without interrupting your makeup underneath.

Pigmented: Pigmented powder will provide you with coverage whilst evening out your skin tone and mattify-ing your face. Those who want a little extra coverage throughout the day will love a pressed pigmented powder or powder foundation to carry around. Keep in mind that reapplication can mask blusher, bronzer and highlighter so apply with caution.

A few different types of makeup powders that you absolutely should consider introducing to your kit include…

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation has kind of fallen out of fashion over the past few years, however, it’s actually one of the best formulas if you want to perfect your base naturally and seamlessly! Choose a finely milled powder foundation that matches exactly to the shade of your neck. Be sure to moisturise around half an hour before you apply to avoid catching or caking – not how you want to start your makeup.


Loose powder is awesome for baking, which is where you layer on your powder and wait for it to almost marinate on your skin (usually under your eyes or around your contour). When you brush away the excess product, you’re left with an amazingly smooth effect that won’t crease at all. Loose powders should be light and incredibly fine. If you’re a bit of a beauty pro, this formula is totally essential.


A pressed finishing powder is great for setting your makeup and carrying with you throughout the day to top up with. A fine pressed powder is going to be super convenient and effective at keeping you nice and shine-free all day long, so if you’re living in a hot climate or you’re susceptible to the midday gleam, it’s a must-have.


Some powders have a gorgeous illuminating effect to leave your skin looking like it’s lit from within (and not from makeup!). Your illuminating face powder should be finely milled to ensure that you’re not walking around with super obvious chunks of glitter on your face.


If your skin is prone to blemishes, rosacea or is just generally a little uneven, you’re going to love a colour correcting face powder. A green, lilac, yellow or red based powder will take back the colour concern in your skin and make your base far easier to work with throughout the rest of your routine.

Cosmetic powder is so incredibly useful! This list literally just features base and finishing powders – just think of the potential once you start incorporating blusher, bronzer, highlighter and shadows into the mix! No kit is complete without some form of powder, so get shopping to find the right fit for your skin.

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