Effective Ways to Become A Human Resource Manager

If you are a people person who enjoys to meet people, work as a team, and lead individuals, then you may be best suited for a career in human resource management. You can help people to find qualified jobs, hire excellent workers, maintain organization culture, introduce HR tech trends, and more.

Let us know how to become a Human resource manager.

Becoming a Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Manager (HR) deals with all people aspects of a company. This includes recruitment, disciplinary issues, culture, govern holidays/sickness, conduct training, develop policies, and retain employees.

Working your way up to management position requires efforts, years of experience and relevant HR certifications.


You should have an associate’s degree in a related field. Most of the top human resource experts hold a master’s degree too. Having Psychology as a major or minor subject or taking up advanced courses in management, business, or marketing impresses an employee.


You must have at least one year of work experience to qualify for earning HR certification. It is necessary to gain internship and work experience during college or summer holidays. You can take help from career counsellors, professors, and fellow students and know where to look for internships. Also, taking part-time work in a sales or marketing position helps you with people’s interaction.


Earning continuous education by pursuing HR certification sets you apart from the competition and helps you get a job in well-reputed companies.

Most of the online HR training courses require a master’s degree and at least a year of professional experience. After achieving certification in HR courses, you can start looking for higher management positions.

Essential Skills

Possessing essential skills highlights your job profile. Some of the skills include

Decision-making Skills

The decisions directly influence the operations or workers and it is crucial to balance the strengths and weaknesses.

Interpersonal skills

Human resources interact with people regularly. It is necessary to take the lead in collaborating team and developing positive working relationships among colleagues.

Leadership skills

HR managers must coordinate work activities, oversee operations, direct the staff, and ensure that the workers fulfil their responsibilities and duties.

Organizational skills

HR managers must prioritize tasks and manage several projects by recruiting the right professionals.

Communication skills

HR managers must communicate information and instructions to staff and other employees effectively.

Human Resources Specialization

If you want to specialize in one/two skills, you can opt for it. The specialization skills include compensation and benefits, training and development, employment, recruitment and placement, Information systems, and employee assistance.

Salary and Career Outlook

The average pay for human resource managers is $66,870-$201,380 as of May 2018. The employment is projected to grow by 9% moving towards 2026.

Closing Thoughts

Becoming a human resource manager is a high-paying and rewarding career path. It is a lucrative job as companies have a complex business environment and they rely on HR managers. Being a human resource manager, you can enhance your life and life of the people around you.

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