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Fertility Drugs Cause Liver Problems – What Is All About It?

IVF is treatment has become the best option to have if a couple is infertile. There are so many infertile couples are having this treatment. It is needed to have from the best doctors so that you probably would have less chance to have complication while having IVF treatment. No doubt, IVF treatment has brought happiness to many infertile couples.

As of now, this advanced treatment has changed the life of many couples. Though IVF treatment brings happiness to you in the form of your baby, it is also needed to have what kind of side effect it can leave on your body. Fertility drug side effects and risk also depends on what medications you are on.  Your doctor might prescribe you having oral fertility drugs such as Letrozole, Clomid, etc. The best thing about oral fertility is that they do not have that way much side effects such as you could have if have injectable fertility drugs. It also needs to know that treatment varies from patient to patient. You might not have the same treatment what the previous patient told you. IVF treatment depends on what infertility complication you are having presently. Your doctor starts your treatment accordingly.

Talking about the major side effects of having fertility drugs are headache, tenderness, upset stomach, mood swings, etc. Moreover, the side effects also vary from patient to patient. No doubts, fertility drugs can bring major miracles to your life blessing you with your own baby you have been for a long time. Fertility drugs can truly bring a miracle to your life. They are quite effective. But still, it is quite important that what side effect it could have on your body. Discussing with a doctor can make easier for you in case you would have ever any kind of medical complication earlier.

Why Should Discuss Your Medical History with Your Doctor –

Many drugs can affect your liver badly. You may not believe that some drugs can even damage your liver completely. Statins are counted as one of them used to treat high cholesterol levels. Having this drug can play a major role to increase the levels of liver enzymes. It can also probably damage your liver in minor ways showing no symptoms.

This is why it is called to share medical history first with your doctor while having treatment so that you would have to face worse health issues later on. Moreover, some drugs damage the liver showing symptoms such as itching, tendency to bleed, abdominal pain, etc. Talking about the risk factors could be increased if the patient is having obesity, pregnancy, tend to have alcohol a lot and having the age of 18 years or more than it.

Why Liver Is an Important Organ –

Your liver is an organ situated in the upper right side of the abdomen. It is considered an important body part. This is why you need to take care while having any kind of medications that how it is going to affect your liver. It is placed a bit behind the rib cage. Make sure that you are not having any kind of medication without discussing with the doctors. Talking about the weight an adult liver holds is three pounds.

The liver actually has many jobs to do in order to keep the body fit and healthy. Your liver is responsible to produce bile so it could be assisted with the digestion of dietary fat. Your liver is also responsible to purify the blood making it free from the harmful chemicals. Moreover, the liver also eradicates chemicals from the blood. The job of the liver does not get ended up here since it also produces various other essential substances such as proteins helpful to have good health.

Doctors also say that patients having IVF treatment should consult with the doctors in case if they had ever any kind of liver oriented health issues. They should share their medical history with the doctors at IVF Centers in Bangaloreso that experts could consider this fact while having treatment.

Liver Damage Caused By Drugs

In case liver damage happens because of drugs, you need to head to your doctor as soon as possible. Doctors will check what drugs are causing damage to your liver. They will probably do blood tests in order to check out the level of specific liver enzymes. Moreover, they do also check how well your liver is functioning. And how much damage has happened to it. Your doctors will probably change your medicines or stop having that drug.

Knowing about the possible side effects can also lead to enhancing your anxiety. And this could also make you likely to have particular side effects. It is also called a nocebo effect. This is why it would be ideal to discuss with the doctor before thinking any more about it. Do not try to take any decision regarding your medicines on your own.

Conclusion –

You should be careful regarding it. Do have food can help to keep it healthy and fit. Do enough exercise following a healthy lifestyle. Do always share your medical history while having treatment.

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