What questions do employers expect at the interview?

Questions at the interview are asked not only by recruiters, but also by applicants. It is no secret that on such issues an opinion is formed about applicants for vacant posts. What questions, in the opinion of recruitment managers, should applicants ask so that the interview is held for them with maximum success in real estate careers?

According to the HR managers interviewed by the Research Center for the recruitment portal, the most anticipated and relevant issues are …

About Functionality

About a quarter of recruiters (26%) believe that, first of all, a job seeker who is genuinely interested in finding a job should ask about his job responsibilities at his future job. “He is always attracted to a candidate when he asks clarifying questions on the functionality that he has to fulfill”; “Such questions indicate the applicant’s interest in the work and allow him to emphasize the availability of special knowledge,” they comment.

About the company

According to 12% of the personnel, a potential employee is obliged to clarify exactly what the company is doing, what is the history of its foundation, etc. Candidates who have gathered information about the company on the eve of the interview are especially impressed by recruiters: “I really like to ask questions about the company. It can be seen that the candidate prepared and studied our products ”; “The fact that the candidate asks questions is already good. And if at the same time he has information about the company, which he found on the Internet before the interview, then this is generally wonderful. ”

About the prospects

Questions about career prospects want to hear from applicants 10% of HR managers. At the same time, the question may be: “What prospects of professional development can I expect in a year?”; “Is career growth possible in the company?”

About tasks and results

Questions about the “tasks to be solved in this position” are recommended to be asked by 6% of personnel Almost the same number of respondents (5%) believe that the applicant should ask questions “what are the ways to improve work performance and what is important for your success”, “which immediately shows that a person understands this field of activity “. Another 5% of HR managers are advised to ask at the interview what results a potential employer expects from a candidate.

About corporate culture and motivation system

4% of employers recommend that applicants be interested in the intricacies of the company’s corporate policy, as well as factors affecting labor remuneration: “Candidates who do not specify what their wages will be composed of are scary, as it seems that the person is going to work from hopelessness or that get a record in the workbook. ”

About the schedule and duration of the test

Questions about working conditions and work schedules, terms of going to work, probationary period, advanced training and the exact amount of salary are considered important by 3% of HR managers.

About colleagues and social package

2% of HR managers believe that a promising candidate should certainly ask about the relations in the team (whether there are conflicts, what atmosphere prevails in the office), the components of the social package, and also why the job that interests him is open.

A little bit of everything

In turn, 3% of personnel think that questions from applicants can be any, 2% require questions “strictly in the case”, “showing interest in the job.” The same number of recruiters (2%) believe that the content of the questions depends on the position for which the applicant is applying. Another 5% of HR managers expect questions from candidates about the style/type of leadership, about business processes in the company, and also insist that the questions be adequate: “Adequate. I am ready to answer any questions at the interview, except for these: “And where can you warm the food container here?”

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