How Gemstones Should Touch The Skin

Gemstones are formed from minerals which are then nurtured by Mother Earth with heat and pressure through ages in Her womb(Bhugarbh) to produce mesmerizing Gemstones.

Gemstones are of various colours and have innate properties of healing because of their natural birth. Each Gemstone is formed with its own unique chemical structure. 

Gemstones are categorized as precious and semi-precious. Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are traditionally considered precious stones and all others are considered semi-precious stones. 

Wearing Gemstones is a common practice all over the world. India’s ancient Vedic Astrology traditionally advises wearing of different gemstones as a remedy for various defects(Doshas) in the birth chart. Gemstones have been worn from ancient times by Kings and rulers and till this day are worn by common man, world leaders and celebrities from all walks of life as they have supernatural powers. 

Gemstones are worn as finger rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and amulets. 

Consulting an expert Astrologer before wearing any gemstone is of utmost importance as gemstones are powerhouses of healing vibrations, so wearing the wrong gemstone may give negative outcomes.

Reasons for wearing gemstones to touch the skin:-

Wearing a gemstone means it comes in contact or in touch with the skin. When we wear a gemstone as a ring for remedial purpose or for a specific reason, the stone must touch the skin, because of which special care is taken while making the ring to ensure that the fitting of the gemstone in the ring is such that when the person wears it, the gemstone touches the skin of the finger from the open back/bottom of the ring and similarly for pendants and amulets.

  • The gemstone when it touches the skin gently rubs and massages on the skin. As every gemstone has a particular substance, it gets rubbed and absorbed in minuscule quantities in the body and slowly dissolves in the bloodstream acting on a molecular level to give favorable results over a period of time. Wearing a gemstone should be on a daily basis, for the process to take place continuously.
  • Each gemstone has a particular colour. The colors have an effect on the Chakras or energy Centres of the body. The Sunlight hits the gemstone and the rays penetrate through the gemstone which then mixes with the bloodstream of the body balancing the elements of the body, The colour of the gemstone energize the particular Chakra it is connected to.
  • The colour of the gemstone plays a big role when worn in healing the energy bodies or Aura which surround each person. It also helps to close the holes or gaps in the Aura thereby protecting from lower/negative energies from seeping inside. This automatically changes the attitude of the person to a positive one, if he/she is wearing the correct gemstone.
  • There are points below and above our fingers which are known as ‘Marm’ or ‘Marma’ points, which when pressed acts of various body parts and organs to heal them. Acupressure and Su-Jok therapy use these points for their therapy too. Vedic Astrology advice gemstone to be worn on a particular finger because each planet is connected to a particular finger and rule certain parts of the body and also the planets control secretion of certain hormones as per the nature of the planet. Wearing a gemstone on the finger, with the gemstone touching the body, massages these points on the particular finger when the wearer puts a certain amount of pressure on the ring unknowingly, bringing healing to the intended body part/organ which requires healing. Sometimes on wearing a certain gemstone, the wearer may fall ill. This may happen due to extra pressure put by the wearer on the ring which puts extra pressure on the marm/ marma and cannot be blamed on the planet’s effects. 
  • Gemstones attract the cosmic rays of the planet and transfer it to the body of the wearer, and result in healing of physical or emotional issues. When the gemstone is in touch with the skin the healing happens faster and better.
  • It is best to wear a gemstone after doing the pran-pratishta ritual and the chanting of particular mantra which is meant for the gemstone as per the planet etc. The pran-pratistha is to give life to the gemstone meaning to activate its energies and the chanting of mantras done with the gemstone kept nearby, absorbs the vibration of the mantras in the gemstone and thus becomes doubly powerful. Then when it is worn the positive effects are amplified.

Some people are of the opinion that Diamond can be worn without it touching the skin because it is translucent and so the rays of Sun automatically help to transfer the energies to the body. However, most astrologers believe that the Diamond if being worn for the astrological healing purpose should touch the skin.

Gemstones have the power to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. When worn with the correct advice from an expert it can change one’s life.

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