Ten Commandments of God in Holy Quran

So these are the Ten Commandments that God gives to follow by us. If you want to know how to act on them, click on the letsreadquran here you will get an answer to your every problem.

In the Holy Quran, there are Ten Commandments. In the Islamic faith, the great emphasis placed in these commandments. If we just summarize it, then according to the Islamic point of view, these commandments are God wills for their believers. These commandments consist of five orders and define the relationship between God and man.

First Commandment: Shirk (Do not Joint Anyone or Anything in God Worship)

The very first commandment is very significant and convenient. It is a highly severe form of punishment and also meant for the whole of humanity. It is the order from which the number of people strayed away. In case if someone ignores the first prohibition, then it will lead to other evils.

Those who depend on it have just ruined their all worships and good deeds. In Arabic words, this commandment is known as “Shirk”. It is the term that explains if you stand something other in worship with God. Besides this, a true believer in God is one of the Islamic cornerstones. That’s why all other prohibition and commands relay on it.

Second Commandment: Be dutiful and good to Parents

It is another major commandment of God, and also relate to the present time. In this modern age, kids are just ignoring their parents and get angry with them for small or even no reason. Their behavior makes their parents imperfect. Even most people consider their parents as one of the unrespectable people in the world.

In this way, God commands us to be kind, dutiful, and good to them. Parents don’t deserve to talk in harsh behavior or be mistreated. Instead of this, parents must be treated well and should be cared in a good manner. God comes before parents why we are instructed to give honor and respect to parents but not worship them.

Third Commandment: Never try to kill your children just because of Poverty

In ancient times, Arabs were so cruel to their children; they killed their child in fear of poverty. But who killed their own child in this age of civilization. According to the estimation and previous record, up to 750,000 children have to be missing in the US. Up to 200 miss every day. 100 Childs of this range is murdered or abducted each year in the United States.

In Britain, 200 children killed every year. And do you know who the killers are? They are their cruel parents. According to the report of SPI- Society for the Prevention of Infanticides, now day’s infanticides become one of the most common and rising issues of severe poverty.

Fourth Commandment: Never come near to the shameful act and sins either committed secretly or openly.

This commandment illustrates sexual acts just to protect the structure of the family. What the shameful sins or acts are? According to Islam, these shameful sins are:

  • Fornication
  • Adultery
  • Homosexuality
  • Incest

These all lead to a violation of family structure and units and a crime. But unfortunately, these all become common and change the perceptions of society.

Fifth Commandment: Never kill those who has been forbidden by God

Human life protected and respected and belongs to God. According to Islamic laws, there is the protection of lives of:

  • Muslims
  • Protection of non-Muslim minorities with peace treaties with Muslim countries.
  • Non-Muslim who visit a Muslim country for some time.

Besides these above-mentioned commandments, others include.

  • Do not confiscate Orphans property
  • Give full weight and full measures with justice
  • Always speak the truth, either there is the involvement of your near relative
  • Fulfill the covenant of God
  • Follow the straight forward path of God

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