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How to know whether you are investing in high-quality modern furniture or not?

Investing in furniture is an important decision. Modern furniture designs are attractive and eye-catching. People love the modern pieces of furniture designs for dining table sets, chairs, tables, sofa sets, accents, etc. You spend a lot of money too when going for furniture shopping. Furniture shopping is something which you do not do daily, unlike clothes and other essentials. Hence, it should be done carefully so that you do not end up regretting your choices.

The type of furniture you need will depend upon your requirement. If you are picking a sofa for high-traffic areas like waiting rooms, hospitality, and healthcare facilities, it’s better to pick strong and durable pieces.

When you go for furniture shopping, there are a few things you should check apart from the price tag.

High-quality modern furniture checklist:

Types of wood:

Quality of wood is the first factor that decides the quality of the furniture. Every wood has its characteristic features. Furniture designers make use of different wood types like oak, ash, mahogany, or walnut. Furniture can either be solid or veneer. Both these options are high-quality and long-lasting.

Contemporary Furniture

If you are buying furniture from a local shop, then you can directly ask the vendor to brief you about the type and quality of wood used. When buying from an online store, do read the product specification.

Use of glue, screws, or joints:

Furniture is an assembled piece of different parts. It can be put together in many ways. For high-quality furniture pieces, wood joinery and screws are used to assemble the final piece. It reduces the risk of sagging and cracking in furniture in the long run. Avoid going for furniture pieces that use nails or staples to join different parts of furniture. They are less desirable and durable. If you see adhesive like glue holding the parts of furniture, it is a sign of poor quality furniture. As a rule of thumb, in quality furniture, you will not be able to see the material used to join the parts, let alone a glue.

Seat Foam:

When buying upholstered furniture pieces, consider the density of the foam. It should not be less than 1.8 pounds. In case of removable cushions, always unzip and look from inside. Check for the quality of the foam used. Especially, if the furniture will be used in a high-traffic area.

Check for knots in your furniture:

Some trees have more knots than others. Furniture made from such wood is generally not of high-quality. It depicts that the wood is weak and will not last long. This is the reason why manufacturers avoid using pine for furniture making. Always check the base of your furniture to check for any knots. A few knots are normal but there should not be too many of them.

Avoid particle board furniture:

Particle board is sometimes used in furniture as a base. It is cheaper than other pieces of furniture. It is made up of wood pulp, resin, and plastics. It is not durable and solid. Hence, its usage in high-quality furniture is not recommended.

Looking to buy high-quality modern furniture?

You can buy high-quality and durable furniture online from reputed furniture designers and manufacturers like Creative Furniture. Furniture is an investment and should last for several years.

We hope this blog will help you in making the right investment.

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