How to pick the best app for playing fantasy cricket

With the utterly growing popularity of fantasy cricket these days, a lot of platforms and applications are available on the app stores that the users can select these days. In spite of the fact that the basic concept of all of these apps is similar, there are a lot of factors that distinguish these apps from each other. If you are also getting astonished by all the benefits that the world of fantasy cricket holds in store for you and planning to install an app for the same in your phone, here are a few tips that will help you select the best app for fantasy cricket for your perusal.

Trying the newbies

Although you would see that one or two apps have covered the entire fantasy cricket market in India, there are a lot of other great options to consider that are worth your attention. One major benefit of trying the new apps is that there is less competition on these apps, thereby increasing your chances of winning and earning money. Also, since these apps have not yet been commercialised to that extent, there’s a lot that they have to offer to their users in terms of features and functionalities of the app. 

Referral plans

If you do some amount of research, you’d see that almost all the fantasy cricket apps offer the referral bonus option to their users. This is a concept where you earn some amount of credit when you introduce any of your friends or acquaintances with an app and then they sign up on it using your referral code. When you get this bonus, you can use it to bet on the games. However, one important point to consider here is that you should look for apps where the entire referral bonus that you get can be used and there should be no hidden terms or conditions.


Money Withdrawal Options

Since fantasy cricket is mostly about betting with real money, it is important to make sure that the money you win through this app could be easily transferred to the bank. When selecting an app, primarily look for an app that could be connected with your payment wallets, or gives the options of IMPS so you can transfer the money to your bank as soon as you win it.


Trusted Brands

Although you would find millions of users using trusted and reputed apps, you should keep in mind that they also started small and reached where they are through effective marketing and user trust. So if you are someone who likes to play safe and doesn’t have confidence in these newbie apps, go for the trusted brands that you hear about. Although there would be some issues due to the commercialization of these apps, they will be worth it when you win some good money by playing a good game on the app.

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