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The Time Is Near When Your iPhone Will Replace Your Car Keys

Can you ever imagine using your iPhone or Apple Watch to start your car? Can you think of the time when the need to carry a keyfob will be eliminated and you will start your car with your iPhone?

Here’s a piece of good news! Apple is now working on a “CarKey” feature. It is going to include this feature in the iOS 13.4 beta, which will let the users of Apple add car keys to the Wallet app and will not have to carry the burden of a keyfob.

There is a rumor in the market that this feature will also be introduced in Android phones. As Apple is the part of the “Car Connectivity Consortium,” which created a digital key standard. that is why they are introducing this feature of smart car-key into their phones. Not only Apple and car manufacturers, Samsung and LG Electronics are also the consortium’s members.

So just wait for the upgrade and you will enjoy a whole new level of technology soon with the help of Apple. You won’t have to worry about taking the keys everywhere as you will have them every time in your pocket.

It was always possible!

People nowadays think that it is still not possible but let us tell you, it was always possible. you just have to have a car that can support digital keys and you can enjoy this feature.

There is an app called Tesla, this Tesla app lets you unlock and start your car with the help of your phone. The all-time famous car company Audi also offers its application to the customers from which they can unlock your car easily. It can be a little confusing but with the iPhone, things are getting easier day by day. The Apple car key feature is easy to set up and use and you can also share your car key with your close ones, with which they can open your car.

How will this car key work?

It seems impossible, right? To have this kind of upgrade but it is not. You just have to have a car that can support NFC and whenever you bring your smartphones near the car you will be able to start the car without any hindrance with the help of your latest iOS 13.4. no network connection, wifi or anything is required to start. Just connect it via NFC and enjoy this feature. Still cannot figure out how to do it? Head over to the nearest iPhone repair shop to get it done.

You don’t have to unlock your phone in order to unlock your car but for extra security, you can use face ID. The pairing process is really simple and does not take much of your time.

Once you get the car manufacturers app installed on your phone, you can get it connected with the help of NFC and things can run smoothly.

Another amazing thing about this car key is that you can share it with anyone you want and don’t have to handover the keyfob every time someone borrows your car. just tell them about the key and they will be able to start the carb with the help of their iPhone.

When are you going to get CarKey?

There have been slight changes in this feature since the release of the first beta of this update. Apple is trying to make it more stable and trustworthy for the users by making it more secure. As per the given date, a stable and more secure version of iOS 13.4 in the next upcoming months somewhere in mid-2020.


However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet that this feature is surely going to be a part of iOS 13.4. If Apple takes more time in launching it then this update might come in iOS 14.

iOS 14 will be out in the market by the end of 2020. The Car key does not require new hardware altogether. The car should just have built-in NFC hardware and it will be good to go.

There isn’t any official announcement by Apple about when this CarKey is going to be launched but the users are expecting it anytime soon and are very excited about it.

The expected time is somewhere in the middle or end of this year. So gear yourselves up, car freaks. You are going to experience something marvelous.

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