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Some Life-Changing Tips to Extend Battery life

In this world of technology, everyone owns a phone and so it is very important to keep in view all the specifications of a phone. Talking about phones, battery life is very important for a phone to run properly. Without a good battery time, a phone is but nothing.

There have been complaints all around the world about phones not running for a long time. People need to realize that they have to take care of a few things that can help to extend their battery life.

Explained below are some tips that can help to extend and preserve the battery life of your smartphone.

Degradation of your phone’s battery:

It is said in the tech world that your phone battery degrades slightly at each charge cycle. This charging cycle varies from phone to phone. Many owners of telephones use battery full alarm apps to monitor the charging cycle. This depends on how much you are using your phone and what you are doing with it.

Battery manufacturers have estimated that the power of a phone battery would degrade by 20 percent after about 400 cycles. It only can store 80 percent of the energy it originally produced and will continue to degrade after the 400 cycles are completed. So to take care of the battery life you have to take care of it before your phone reaches 400 cycles and its battery starts degrading day by day.

Keep your phone away from extreme conditions

You must keep your phone away from extreme weather i.e. very hot or cold. It badly affects battery life and can shorten its lifespan. People tend to leave their cell phones in their cars in extreme conditions which worsens the situation for the battery and it can even burst in such situations. So it is always recommended to take your phone with you wherever you go and never leave it in such places where the battery life can get affected.

Do not fast charge your phone

It is a misconception that you should use a fast charger for your phone. Fast charging is responsible for quickly stressing out the battery. It is recommended by the tech experts that unless you need to charge your phone fast, you should not use it.

It is also not recommended that you charge your phone from the computer because it can limit the amount of current going into your phone. So one should always charge the phone at a normal speed.

A 50% battery is best for you!

The healthiest charging percentage for a battery seems to be 50 percent. If you want your phone battery to not degrade before time then you should keep your phone charged on 50%. By this practice, your battery life remains secure. It is said that one should turn the phone off every several months and change it to 50% to preserve the battery life.

Do not drain your battery to 0% or overcharge it to 100%

In old times, batteries used to work differently and people didn’t know much about the tech world either. But with time, easy access to everything has revolutionized the old methods and people demand complete know-how of things.

With the recent advancements, phone batteries have also been designed differently. For the new batteries, overcharging or complete drainage is really bad. Phone batteries are considered to work best if they are above 20% and below 90%. On average, a 50% battery is considered to be the ideal. Take your mobile to a phone repair specialist if the battery is not giving enough backup.

You have to turn down the screen brightness

The screen of a smartphone is the basic component and it is responsible to use most of the battery. Turning the brightness of the screen down will automatically save energy. Auto-Brightness is one of the most amazing features as it automatically adjusts the brightness according to the light conditions. It saves battery for most people by automatically decreasing the brightness of the screen when there is less light, although there is more work for the light sensor involved.

You have to be obsessive about the brightness of the phone screen to keep the battery running smoothly for a long time.

Almost all the Android and iOS offer you the choice to turn down the brightness of the phone, even if you are using the feature of auto-brightness.

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