Is It Possible To Move After The ACL Reconstruction Surgery?


ACL reconstruction or any other orthopaedic surgery in India would be successful for sure if you choose your doctor and hospital wisely. Only the ACL Reconstruction Cost in India is low, but when it comes to the:

  • Quality of treatment
  • Result of Surgery
  • Recovery after the operation;

Results are high. Over 99% of the orthopaedic surgeries in India are accomplished without any complication. Not only the surgery is done appropriately, but the patient is provided with the effective recovery care too. Post-surgical care is important to decide if the patient can move and perform like before or not. The results do not depend on the surgery alone. It is essential to take medicines on time, and most importantly follow the recovery instructions of the caregiver after the discharge from the hospital.

Chances of Restoring the Movement After ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is not only the physical but the mental damage too. It is because ACL damage is usually a medical condition in the players. So, before undergoing the treatment every player has a question will it be possible for them to get back to the playground or not.

So, the more joyous answer is, Yes You Can. Although, everything depends on you. Once your surgery is done, the doctor recommends you to take proper care until the recovery period. Depending on the severity of the damage, recovery care can last up to four to six weeks. So, if you keep patience and dedication for the improvement, you can certainly recover.

Here is the list of things that is important for the recovery.

  • Physiotherapy: Most of the patients avoid appointing the therapist considering it an added expense. Well, a few dollars are the deciding factor whether or not you can get back to the playground. So, physiotherapy is a must for the recommended time period by an orthopaedics.
  • Balance Between Rest and Movement: Once the surgery is complete, the caregiver in the hospital guide you for moving. It might be a little painful in the beginning, but it will help you to restore the strength in your joint. So make your knee joint move as per the suggestion of the medical team. However, do not hurry for hitting the playground, maintain the proper balance between the rest and the mobility.
  • Exercise: It is the most important part of the recovery. The doctors train you for a few of the easiest moves that you can do sitting at your home. Do not avoid those simple exercises, as they are really helpful in the recovery.
  • Medication: Medicines or drugs support the treatment that is provided by the medical team. If you do not consume the dosage, it may result in severe complications and ultimately the failure of the treatment.
Final Words:

When it comes to ACL, everything starting from the ACL Operation Cost in India to results of the treatment, are in the favour of the patient. You can not only move but also play after the operation. All you have to do is take the initiative for the treatment.

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