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digital marketing

Making the Most of Digital Marketing in 2019

Before the year has ended, it’s important that every business does what they can to take advantage of the remaining time. Even if your business’ financial year isn’t December, typically companies still look at how they did in the calendar year too.

Digital marketing has come a long way with new developments and ways to promote products and services than ever before. Also, the level of competition has never been more worrisome, so it’s incumbent on companies to be creative when it comes to marketing approaches Tech mistake.

Here are some suggestions on how to finish the remaining months with a bang, not a whimper.

Give Digital Showrooms a Try

If you’ve missed the chance to book a trade show booth at the most relevant expo this year, then don’t despair. There’s a new technology called a digital showroom on offer at FeedsFloor that provides a way for companies to showcase their products or services (products work best) in a digital format.

The digital showroom is a format that functions similarly to when a visitor at an expo walks into your trade stand and wants to wander around. There’s the chance for them to learn more about the company and follow-up with staff afterward. It’s also economical because there’s no need to rent expo space and have a trade show stand or pop up designed and produced either. Also, it’s a private showroom, so only the business contacts that you wish to access it can do so.

Run Ad Campaigns for Physical Products

If your company sells physical products, then you should be very concerned with production costs, packaging, shipping, and warehouse fees. Whether selling through Amazon, eBay or drop-shipping to simplify business, it’s easy to end up with a loss when you don’t have control of the financials.

To generate better sales either on Amazon’s own ad platform, Google or elsewhere, this adds a new layer of costs to drive traffic to your product page. To know whether that’ll be profitable enough to earn money on the internet, get a solid grasp of the main costs and the bottom-line. To do this, we’d suggest pulling up this profit margin calculator on your smartphone or laptop to figure out what you can afford to spend and still remain profitable.

Consider a Joint-Venture Promotion with an Influencer

A joint-venture (JV) promotion with an influencer uses their extensive following to find new customers who haven’t bought from your company before. This type of promotion works best when their audience is likely to be interested in one or more products or services offered by your company. It’ll seem less promotional and more relevant to their audience with a greater take-up rate as a result For upon.

Usually, fees or a percentage of sales is agreed with the influencer as their incentive to get involved with a JV. When they work, it can increase sales quickly and expand the customer base too.

Don’t let the last few monthsof the year go to waste. Push hard to grow your business, so you go into 2020 with some serious momentum!

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