8 Little Details That will Take Your Wedding To An Entirely Different Level

It is quite a possibility that you must have already gone through endless no. articles online, while searching your way through the different things on which you must decide on for making your wedding perfect.

Deciding on the smallest of the details for your wedding might get on your nerves. It is all the small things that together work on making your wedding more personalized and truly unique in every sense.

You need to understand that no one else can decide on these little things for you as it is your choice that matters the most and will help highlight your personality. You can hire one of the top wedding planners in Mumbai to get help for the other big things like deciding on a venue and the decor elements that too are an important part of the wedding among various others.

8 Must Things to Add in Your Wedding Planning

Give Careful Attention To The Entrance

Careful attention must be given to the entrance of the wedding venue. The entrance is really important as it is something that introduces your guests to your wedding. The entrance must be designed in such a manner that it represents the entire theme of the wedding.

wedding entrance

Aisle Runners

It’ll be really great to make that path towards the stage stand apart by using a aisle runner that is customized as per the theme of the wedding. It’ll be really perfect if you can make your own version of the Red carpet to pave your beautiful way towards the stage

customized aisle runner

Mandap/Altar Decor

Some call it mandap and the others call it Altar but the emotions attached with both are the same. It is the place where you’ll be saying your vows along with your partner. It is the memories of this place that’ll remain young forever in your mind while the other details might fade away. This place is the most essential one and must stand apart from the other wedding decor elements. What we would like to suggest is that the mandap decor must be in contrast to the wedding decor keeping in mind that it doesn’t go too over the top.

Mandap Altar Decor

Dress Up The Drinks

Don’t just leave those colourful drinks to be served as is. You must consider adding in the edible glitter to amp things up or might also embellish each glass with a burlap umbrella, a slice of fruit and a customized heart-shaped stirrer with the couples name stamped on it.

Customized Napkins

A cute little quote on every napkin will be a really great little detail that’ll instantly bring a smile to your guests’ face. You can also include these napkins in the various vibrant colours that’ll help lift up the guests’ mood.

Customized Napkins

Include Candles In Decor

There will be a lot of artificial things in the decor that’ll make your wedding venue great. But including the candles with the live flame will make things all the more romantic and will amp up the looks as well. However, you must place them in a way that there they don’t hurt anyone.


If you’re getting married at an indoor venue then it’ll be a really great option to add the chandeliers to the decor. You can choose a big statement chandelier or select a handful of smaller ones that’ll add a sparkle to the wedding decoration.


Dessert Counters

You might think that a dessert counter is not in any way a unique thing but imagine displaying the different desserts all lined up on a single counter. Those cute little cupcakes in all the vibrant colours will truly look great. If you want things to get extra creative then you can also add a personalisation option for the guests where they can choose their own choice of dessert toppings among the various options.

Dessert Counters

These were some of those little things that I thought were worth mentioning as they’ll help customise your wedding. Not considering these little details will not entirely break your wedding but even if you add some of the above-mentioned elements then it is sure that it’ll be eye capturing and will invite an appreciation from the guests.

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