Mobile Flash Butt Welding In Railways

Mobile flash butt welding is a road and railway based machine. This is a four wheeler vehicle that can travel on both roads as well as tracks. Wheels made of rubber and even on the railway tracks with metal wheels that are fixed using the welding methods. These involve welding equipment, parameter recorder and even different areas for grinding as well. The most important utility vehicle is to serve the purpose of the on field applications and not on a static place. This is much preferable in comparison to the traditional applications of the flash butt. Such objects are better in terms of fatigue and performance strength as compared to the traditional machines being used since earlier times. The following are the purposes:

  • In works of construction: this is used for converting 3 rail panels and even in other kinds of construction works.
  • In open lines: this can be used to replace the objects that have completed their span of life and in order to replace them.

The following are the types of mobile butt flashing:

  • Fixed site depots: these are the panels that can be made only at one place and after the manufacturing the transportation is to be done of the equipment made yet. The time of the operations of welding is very less and the transportation time is maximum. This is suitable for the smaller tracks where one can even do construction in an open line.
  • Mobile depots: this can be done at convenient locations and the setups and the panels are to be sent from the production places and time took is minimum and the setting up of the plant takes a lot of time. Transportation takes less time. Time for welding is minimum but the main time is consumed in the setting up of the plants. This is suitable where the welding tasks can be performed along with the other parallel tasks. This can be set up best near a railway location.
  • Mobile FBW plants: these can move and reach everywhere where there is welding going on. The time of welding is maximum here and there is no transportation of the equipment which saves a lot of cost on the behalf of the companies. This is suitable for locations where the track can be given to the plant for working. The work will only be stated after all the railway related adjustments are being made.

There is a proper staff requirement for such operations like they must consist of the supervisor and some subordinates. The qualification can be of engineering diploma or any bachelor’s degree in the specified field. The proper training must be given to the employees working in this sector. The competencies and the abilities must be improved and time to time skill improvement programs must take place.

The heat is usually at the end using the resistance methods. They can be properly adjusted. Flash welding railway even involves various tests to ensure the best quality of the work to be done.

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