Modern Coffee Table Designs That You Will Love

Modern Coffee table

A modern coffee table is a staple furniture item that can set the tone of your living room. Still, the highly functional modern furniture piece is often overlooked while designing a living room. A coffee table is multi-functional; we use it for placing our important tech devices, antiques, storing magazines, or even for having small snacks. It should be selected with proper analysis of its size, shape, and whether it goes with the overall decor of the room or not.

To help you make the right purchase, we have put together a list of amazing coffee table designs that you will fall in love with.

Top 5 modern coffee table designs for 2019

1. Contemporary style coffee table:

The modern furniture designs break free from the silos of traditional designs and make themselves an ideal fit for modern living requirements. The following table is the best combination of functionality and style. It is made with tempered glass, with stainless steel legs and a wood base. The table can rotate and expand to meet additional space requirements.

Modern Coffee table

2. Round coffee tables:

The most interesting thing about round coffee tables is that it perfectly fits into any kind of arrangement. Their functionality and sleek design makes them ideal for modern lifestyles. Due to their ergonomic design, they take less space too.

3. Rectangular shaped coffee tables:

Rectangular shaped tables are good for larger settings with a lot of space. In a small space, they might make the room look cluttered. The coffee table design below features chrome legs and a drawer for storing essential items. The neat finish gives it a classy look.

4. A classic glass design:

A glass coffee table is great for compact spaces or office lounges. The transparent appearance allows for easy access to the storage of books or magazines. It adds a sophisticated look to the living room or any other area where it is kept.

Contemporary style coffee table

5. A modern style of coffee table:

The following coffee table design is breathtakingly beautiful. Finished in wood with a small storage division for magazines and newspapers, will immediately add an accent to your living room.

A quick tip before buying coffee tables:

Your coffee table and sofa must have an ideal relationship. Your coffee table should be at least half as long as your sofa, but not more than 2/3rd of the length. The table’s seat height should either match the sofa or should be slightly below it.

Once you know the size and shape of the coffee table, you must decide upon the design. We know, you will love the designs we shared in this blog. Remember, rectangular and oval-shaped designs of coffee tables can be easily interchanged in the overall setting of your living room.

Whether you choose a sleek stainless design or a classic wood finish, remember that coffee tables serve as a focal point of your living room. Hence, choose wisely.

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