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Picking end tables for your sofa – tips to consider

End tables are one of the most understated furniture in the living room. You might think that it is of no use, but end tables are a must-have element in your living area and act as the supporting piece of furniture to a modern sofa.

End tables are the tables that are placed at the end of a piece of furniture – a sofa. End tables are different from the side tables as they are a bit smaller than the latter. At first glance, they might seem redundant but they can be put to many uses.

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When you buy modern furniture online like leather sofas or media cabinets for your living room, you should not miss out on end tables.

The low-key end tables can serve as a landing pad for your lamps, a perch for your drinks, and other functional uses. It also adds to the aesthetics of the living room by covering the gap between the sofa and the wall. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes.

Modern Leather Sofas

You can either place a single end table in the living room or pair two end tables at either end of the sofa if there is enough space.

You can also include them in your dining room sets to serve as an additional utility to hold essentials.

Tips to buy end tables for your living rooms:

1. Size of the table and available space:

The first thing to consider is the size of the table. Before you buy these tables, you should take a measurement of the place where you will keep them. Typically, these tables are placed on either side of the couch or the living room sofa.

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Ideally, the table must be of the same height as the sofa (if it has arms). Ensure that the height of the table goes no shorter than 4-6 inches or it would be difficult for your guests and you to reach the table without twisting your hands.

2. Style of the table:

You have plenty of styles to choose from depending upon the decor theme of your home. Consider whether you have a contemporary or modern home décor and then pick a table that complements the theme.

3. The material of the table:

You have to choose from different types of materials – wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc. The choice should depend upon the current furniture theme in your living room. If the living room is defined with solid and dark wood furniture, then the end table must also be of wood. Similarly, for an eclectic design living room or a contemporary living room, a glass or metal finish table is a better choice.

4. Types of tables:

These tables are available in different types like storage end tables, nesting tables, chairside tables, so on and so forth.

Storage tables are perfect if you want an additional storage unit in the living room, which can help in keeping the room uncluttered.

Nesting tables are more decorative and less functional. They come in groups and are designed to fit underneath the others. They are best when you have to entertain guests as you can use these tables to display appetizers and snacks.

These tables add comfort to a room and help you in creating a welcoming living room.

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