Playing Ping Pong By Yourself

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Have you ever thought about how to play ping pong on your own?  I know that it’s sort of a silly question but if you consider it, when your buddies are all busy and you’re tired and have a best ping pong table lying about, certainly you’d ask the identical question.

Ping pong is a superb pastime since even though you are not out playing normal tennis, you’re still being busy and, though others might disagree, it can really be regarded as a game as it is played in the Olympic Games.

But to answer the question of how to play ping pong on your own; first, we have to see what you’ll have to pull off this and how to use the things you’ve already got for this objective.  So let’s start by locating the ideal substitute for a ping pong spouse everybody has in their home.

Playing Ping Pong By Yourself: The Wall is Your Best Friend

It is rather simple if you consider it.  Simply find an empty wall and then push the table and you are ready to go.  

Be certain to remove any paintings or paintings if you can not locate a vacant wall because although the Ping-Pong chunk is tender and made from plastic — better safe than sorry.

Also, I recommend you to not do so through the night because your neighbors may not like all of the tapping and hitting sounds and you do not want them knocking on your door and seeing that you’re playing ping pong on your own, they will think you are weird or you don’t have buddies.

Jokes aside, this is perhaps the perfect method to perform ping pong on your own and is quite very good practice if you would like to beat your buddies later whenever they encounter.  

Another choice, a few ping pong tables (see our reviews about the best ping pong tables) can permit you to fold 1 end up in a 90-degree angle).  In case you’ve got one of those tables, then you can do this rather than placing it from the wall. You will hit the ball from another side of the desk that’s piled up, and it’ll go back to you.  

No Table? No Problem.

Ping pong tables are not that pricey but if you do not need to squander your money or do not have somewhere to put it, then you should not fret overly much.  Any huge table should function just fine.

It doesn’t matter whether it is around, rectangular or perhaps triangular (if those even exist, I do not operate at IKEA), you need to be just fine so long as it isn’t brief and narrow since it will be somewhat tricky for the ball to land around the desk and I presume you’re not Jan-Ove Waldner.

I would recommend that you remain clear of glass tables since they can get dented or you may accidentally hit it with a paddle and perhaps break this, and also lean plastic tables are not a fantastic alternative either since the ball will not bounce as large as you possibly expect.

 Ideally, you may use your work if it is near a wall and begin playing with.

Friends are Busy? No Problem.  

If you’re still wondering how you can play ping pong from yourself, you’ll be able to purchase a ping pong robot that dispenses balls that you strike.  It is great practice if you are playing ping pong on your free time so that you’re prepared for all those friendly contests when you receive friends and family at a house party.

It’s undoubtedly the best method to perform ping pong on your own but you ought to be aware that they aren’t so economical costing from 50 to 500 bucks and up.

Anyways scientists have developed a robotic arm made to play ping pong with people but I presume this is far out of your funding since they aren’t even available and when they had been it might cost you tens of thousands of dollars that will force you to ask yourself is it worth it instead of just how to play ping pong on your own.

But I suppose that the robotic arm is going to be a better player than your buddies as it’s programmed to not skip a hit, so if you are up to the challenge then do it, perhaps you’ll be blessed to be permitted from the scientists that left it, even to play it, it seems interesting.  


To summarize, it’s likely to perform ping pong alone, you simply need to use the things you’ve got and done it.

See what works best and what does not and soon you will turn into a ping pong solo ace, then once you play together with our friends they’ll be astounded by your abilities just try to not be overly hard on them they won’t play with you anymore so that you’ll really must play on your own.

I expect this article has been useful in answering this query, if not I recommend that you await your buddies to earn some free time to get a ping pong session or play with darts rather, both are enjoyable but I concur ping pong is more pleasurable.  


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