Receive the Fertility Treatment in The Best Fertility Hospital in India: FMRI


FMRI or Fortis Memorial Research Institute is one of the Best Fertility Hospitals in India. The multispeciality hospital located in the National Capital Region of India has a separate division for infertility treatment equipped with the latest technology.

The use of updated techniques enhances the chances of success of treatment. FMRI is the home for several doctors who specialise in performing the IVF and other procedures for the treatment of infertility.

What is the Reason That Most Patients Visit the Best Fertility Centre in India?

The fertility centres in India help the patients to get the successful treatment of IVF. Most of the childless couples visiting India have faced failure in their previous cycles of IVF in their own countries.

However, the failure of IVF does not mean that you need to give up trying for your pregnancy, but your next step should be connecting to experienced professionals for the second opinion.

The top IVF Treatment Hospitals in India has doctors who perform prognosis on patients and analyse the cause of failure of IVF, which include:

  • The incapability of the patient to produce a significant number of follicles
  • The age of the patient. It is an essential factor in the success of the treatment. Above the age of 35 years, the quantity and quality of the eggs start to degrade in females. The result is a failure of creating a healthy embryo
  • Insufficient cells for the fetus to survive. There can be several reasons for the same, and the most prominent one is the poor quality of eggs.

The doctors in the top IVF hospitals in India, provide the treatment options that are not available in other centres. The advanced techniques of the treatment make it possible for most of the patients to get pregnant.

FMRI in India has a record of improving 1000+ failed IVF cycles and giving all the happiness to the patients of being pregnant.

Also, the success rate of overage patients, which is low in other countries is considerably high in the best hospitals in India. These hospitals offer all the facilities under one roof. A patient does not have to move to different places for medicines, diagnosis and treatment, but there are different sections in the hospital offering specialised services.

Additional services are offered to international patients like different cuisines of food, helping in approval of Visa, an extension of medical visa; if required, pick up and drop to the airport and a lot more. The hospitals offer all the services to international patients so that they feel like home in India and does not have to suffer any inconvenience.

Final Words:

The essential thing after the IVF treatment that one expects is the success of the procedure and the chances of success in India are above 95%. The patients leave the country happily with the joy of being parents. So, what makes you wait? Plan your medical tourism for IVF today to India.

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