Creating A Gift Registry

5 Reasons Why Creating A Gift Registry Makes the Most Sense

Everyone knows weddings are a huge deal in India. With the industry worth over 50 billion dollars and only showing signs of growth, why wouldn’t it be a huge deal? People spend so much money to have a perfect wedding ceremony. More than the couple, the focus is on providing the guests a day to remember! So the guests would like to show their gratitude by giving you gifts that you’d use or like.

If you’re looking for more reasons to create a wedding registry, just scroll down!

#1. The Economic Affair

As mentioned earlier, people spend a lot of money on weddings. So, when you’re starting a new home instead of splurging again you can add all the things you require to start a new home in your wedding registry and your guests can easily contribute towards or buy the items for you.

#2. Spread the Cheer!

In a wedding registry, you need not only add things. You can also spread the joy by adding a charity to your registry where your guests can also contribute towards them and make the occasion worthwhile. What’s a better way to start a new life than helping others? It also encourages your guests to do a little good deed.

#3. Ask and You Shall Receive

There is so much faith behind the words ” Ask and you shall receive”. So why be shy to ask your friends and family exactly what you want? They are the people looking to gift you something that you’ll remember them by and gift something that’ll make you truly happy. To create a gift registry and help them out a little.

#4. Two Birds with one stone

Creating a gift registry gets you exactly what you want. You don’t have to worry about recycling gifts that you don’t like or spend money again to set up a new home. On the other hand, it also takes away the stress from your guests who are second-guessing themselves over the gifts. Most of the guests will want to gift you something memorable. So there’s no harm in creating a registry and giving them a hand.

#5. Waste Free Wedding

A wedding registry is the embodiment of a waste-free wedding. Weddings produce hundreds of pounds of waste. A great way to ensure that at least the paper waste is contained is by creating a wedding website and a wedding gift registry. By creating one there won’t be any gifts that’ll go to waste.

Creating a wedding gift registry in India has a lot of Social Stigma attached to it. But these reasons are exactly why people shouldn’t hesitate to creating one. Many people think it’s going against traditions and culture. Well, as the saying goes ‘New doors are not opened by old methods’, only by employing new methods can the couples make their wedding sustainable.

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