Short of Money to Fund Your MMA Training? Follow These Money Saving Tips!

Check out these simple tips to save your money for MMA training.

Use affordable gear

Buying a gear for MMA is one major expense, so find a good brand that can offer comfortable, durable, and low-price MMA Gear. Well, this should be kept in mind that there is no choice of buying a low-cost gear that can tear off after few weeks and then you will have to buy it again. Do an extensive market research to find a place where you can buy good quality MMA gear at a lower price. Also, do not buy lots of MMA shorts or MMA T-shirts. In the beginning, buying two of each are enough for you. So, save your money while being wise at spending it on MMA gear. 

Carry your own food

Did you ever notice that your most of the weekly budget goes on food? Well, if you have not then it is a time to focus on this factor as well. A daily lunch in the café might cost you a little but multiplying it with 5 can make some significant amount of money spent with in a week. Try to cut that extra cost and try to cook at home. You can buy ingredients for cooking food at home for around 5 times less of a price as it is spent on the food bought from café. So, cook it at home and carry your home-made food with you to save some bucks. No doubt, it will take some time but it is going to be helpful in saving money for MMA training. Another big advantage is that home-made food is always healthier than café food that is mostly high in calories, fat, and sodium. So, save your bucks and health with this tip.

Buy a water bottle

Many of us spend small amount of money on buying water multiple times a week. Well, you need to stop this now as you can save some of the bucks from this as well. Spending money on good MMA gear is not just enough, just spend some bucks on buying water bottle as well. Fill your water bottle before leaving house for MMA training and avoid buying it before every session. It might seem a minor saving but too many minors can make a major impact on your spending.

Get a fee reduction from the academy

Well, this might not be easy but give it a try and ask your coach if there is a possibility of getting a free reduction. You can do it in return of some extra work just like assisting with coaching classes. This may require some extra time to spend there but it’s fine if you can get a way to save money.

Control an intake of soft and hard drinks

Well, I wouldn’t say that you should never have drinks as it might not be possible for you at this early stage of MMA training. However, you have to minimize its intake for the sake of health and for saving money. You never know that you’re buying a lot of servings especially on weekend nights at the bar which actually disturbs your budget. Being a sportsman, you definitely need to control your alcohol intake. Same goes for soft drinks as well that take up most of your budget as you become habitual of having them multiple times a well. So, stop ruining your money on having soft and hard drinks that are not going to give you any benefit at all. Rather, save this money and spend on MMA training which is good for your health. Use this money in eating healthy food like organic fruits and vegetables which are eventually going to help you in achieving your MMA goals.

Use public transport

Now it’s a time to let go off your luxury and start using public transport. Save money from the petrol that your car needs and spend it on MMA training. You can encourage your friends to do the same and this way you all can go together on same bus. Moreover, other than just saving money, bus travel can save your energy that is required to drive a car after an extensive MMA training. So, all you have to do after a training is to sit on the bus seat and relax until your station comes.

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