Tips For Making Study Abroad Affordable

Travel is like food for the soul and studying abroad is the best way to challenge your inner travelling enthusiast.  Not only does studying abroad looks good on your CV, it also gives you the appreciable chance to explore the newness of the world, to traverse to places you always dreamed about and to intersect paths with people who can teach you a lot about life. The challenge arrives when you want to explore so much, but do not have the funds necessary to do the same. Don’t worry, these Tips for making study abroad affordable will serve you right!

The Benefits of studying abroad.

Now that you are here, you obviously have made up your mind to study abroad. So, just brushing you up with a few benefits of pursuing international studies to clear all the doubts.

  • Discover the world

Discovering the world is one of the very obvious benefits of studying abroad. You get to see new places when you are living in a new country. Also, you can explore further around by visiting neighboring countries as well.

  • Better education and career opportunities

Education is the foremost parameter to consider while planning to study abroad. And, you’ll be glad to know that studying abroad is the best decision you can take for your career. The study abroad tag shines bright on a CV, also if you are planning to come back to your home country after studying abroad, you will be surprised to see the weightage studying abroad carries for your career. Just make sure you choose the right university and subjects.

  • Adapt to new cultures

Learning the customs and adapting to new cultures is the most exciting thing you can do when living in a new country. You’ll be fascinated by the distinct cultural perspectives, food, social atmosphere and traditions in a way that you will learn to appreciate the basic values of a society.

  • Learn new languages

There is a major linguistic advantage when living in a new country. You get to learn so many languages by just using them in your day to day conversations. For someone who is in awe of the diversifications of languages and accents, studying abroad is a huge boon for their existence.

  • Cross paths with new people

If you are preparing to go abroad to study stay prepared to meet a lot of different people. You will make one of the best friends of your life and not only friendships you will build such relationships and contacts that can help you professionally. A lot of people who study abroad make such contacts that later on help them in getting the various internship and job opportunities.

How to make study abroad affordable?

Studying abroad can change your life in more ways than you can imagine, but what to do when the monetary shortcomings start to interfere with your dreams. Here a few things that you can take into consideration to make studying abroad affordable and accessible.

  • Scholarships and financial aids

You will be shocked to know just how many free overseas trip giveaways are available, just don’t fall for the scam ones. If you don’t feel like waiting on your luck, many merit-based scholarship options are available for you to grab. You just need to research properly and you will for sure get the most suitable option for you. You can also take help from trusted institutions like Western Overseas to help you in making the right decision. Such scholarships require the candidate to meet certain academic qualifications. These scholarships also serve as a great source of motivation to do their best for a lot of people all around the world.

You can also make use of financial aid to help you in getting a better education abroad. U.S. Department of State and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, as well as many other program providers, offer scholarships for study abroad.

  • Search for an affordable program

If you don’t want to get stuck in the circle of  financial aids and loans, selecting a study program that fits your pocket is also the right way to go. There are many universities around the world that offer comparatively affordable programs. Some of such universities are:

  1. Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand
  2. University of East Anglia, England
  3. University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China
  4. Maynooth University, Ireland
  5. University of Tasmania, Australia
  6. Schiller International University, Spain
  7. Australian Catholic University
  8. FUBiS, Germany
  9. University College Cork, Ireland
  10. Lorenzo de’ Medici, Italy
  • Stick to a budget

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while thinking about affordability is to set a realistic budget. You should know your priorities and spend where necessary. Think about how you can cut back and save a little, believe it or not savings is your best friend when living elsewhere from your home. You can also work part time and earn a little while you study keeping in mind you do not get distracted from the basic purpose of coming abroad that is studying.

Play smart and book flights when they are at their lowest, set flight alerts to make you aware anytime the price drop happens. Walk instead of cabs, cook at home instead of dining outside every coming day. ‘save’ your way through!

  • Fundraisers to study abroad

You can opt for the creative approach of fundraising when the financial aids and scholarships are not an option.  You may host entertaining fundraising parties or events, borrow money from your family or friends, sell any non required items that you own or provide services like tutoring or selling art.

How to make the most of study abroad?

  • Set goals for yourself

Remember the purpose you came to abroad in the first place. To acquire new skills and learn new things. Set some goals for yourself and keep yourself organized. It is easy to drift to the things that look fun, but what fun is it if you are just stagnant at the place where you started from. Also, don’t just have unrealistic expectations for yourself, take it easy and conquer one thing at a time but do conquer!

  • Keep an open mind

Don’t let yourself stay restricted, keep an open mind to any and every possibility coming your way.  Don’t let anything stop you from exploring new cultures and traditions. Accept and adapt to everything, it will pave ways for you to learn new things.

  • Learn new things

No doubt you are here to study and make work at the time you get free, but if possible try to learn new things. Whether it’s taking up dance lessons or painting with a group, make the most of the time you are going to get while you study abroad.

  • Expand your social circle

Trust me! Make contacts with as many people as you can. You are living in a new country and you might not know now but the friends and contacts you develop can help you a lot in the times of need. Befriend local people and try to be a responsible person in the community you live in.

  • Study

Coming back to the basics, a study is the main reason you are planning to go abroad. Don’t get distracted and pay full attention. Studying should be your priority and it will always help as a distraction for homesickness. Students go there and get distracted by a hundred other things.

Just keep in mind that studying well can take you places and your motive to study abroad is to fly!

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