Kurti With Palazzo Pants

Trendy Fusion Kurtis With Palazzo Pants

Palazzos are long wide-bottomed trousers for women, generally made with light, flowy fabric comfortable for summer. For the past few years, palazzos have been a trend in India amongst women of all ages. The loose-fitting and light material makes it a comfortable wear for women either regularly for work or college, or even the more fashionable ones for parties, birthdays, weddings etc.

Considering that palazzos originally started during the 1960s, by now, women and the fashion industry have come together to create some very fashionable styles of palazzos.

So let us now see to the different types of palazzo pants –

  • Straight palazzo pants- As the name suggests, these pants have a simple straight cut.
  • Extra flared palazzo pants- The ones with exaggerated flare looks like a skirt.
  • Layered palazzo pants- These are the ones with layers of fabrics.

The Sabhyata clothing store sports all kinds of palazzos and Kurtis for all women. Standard style rules dictate that if the bottom is loose-fitting, then the top should be tight and snug and vice versa, but Indian women have broken the rule and taken the next step to pair Kurtis with palazzo pants and have done it like a boss! This article will guide you on how to style your Kurtis with the beautiful palazzos and flaunt your creativity.

  • Long Straight Cut Kurti With Palazzo

It is one of the most common types of Kurtis we all own, a straight long cut Kurti with slits at the sides. You can pair such a Kurti with straight palazzo pants. However, a Kurti with palazzo combination will not be flattering to the figure.

So, try to work with designs with such a combination.

  • You can pair a black or dark coloured Kurti with white or any light-coloured palazzo.
  • Or try to get your hands on Kurtis with vertical stripes. Pair the outfit with pumps to give just that effect of slenderness to the body.

 Jacket Style Kurti With Palazzo

Are you feeling flamboyant? Go for a jacket style Kurti with loud colours and designs. Paired with a flared Kurti, it will bring out the royalty in you. This particular style will flatter queens with pear-shaped and round body types, especially if the jacket cinches near the waist.

This look is perfect for weddings, but if you’re looking to wear it to work or just casually, go for softer colours and try pairing it with straight palazzos.

Short Kurti With Palazzo

It is very apt for hot summer days. Pair a sleeveless short Kurti with extra flared palazzos or even a layered one for a more heavy-bottomed look. Young to middle-aged women with any body type can sport this look with variations. For those with slender and straight body type, go for a lightweight sleeveless Kurti with layered pants. For pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped body type, try on a short Kurti with either 3-quarter sleeves or cap sleeves and pair them with flared bottoms. Accessorise with sandals and hoop earrings.

Front Slit Open Kurti With Palazzo

Front slit Kurti is a little different and can be worn either daily or to parties or weddings depending on their design and flamboyance. Paired with either straight or flared palazzos, these can be quite the show-stealer.

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