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Why Do We Need Coloring for Children?


Coloring for children seems to be a banal lesson. However, psychologists do not think so. “Decorations” for children is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to spend time with benefit and interest. Just like Disney coloring books are available in the market and they highly benefit the child for their growth and development. This lesson is available for kids for one and a half years. And what is the use of coloring?

  1. The child, painting a certain object, familiar or unfamiliar to him, enriches his knowledge of the shape, the color of this object develops observation. At first, in the picture, the sun can turn out to be green, and the crocodile is orange. Everything is fine: the child learns the world, transfers it to a sheet of paper, trying to reproduce the colors of this world. It is not simple. You can talk about the purpose or properties and qualities of what the child paints. Thus, we expand the horizons of the child. And for starters, choose items familiar to the baby: ball, rattle, yule, apple.
  2. When coloring, fine motor skills, and a hand develop, which, as you know, is directly related to the development of the baby’s thinking, as well as to the success of mastering writing skills. First, the coloring should not contain a lot of small parts that need to be painted. Drawings should have a wide contour – about 1 centimeter. For such a contour, it will be difficult to get out the uncertain handle of the baby. This allows you to hide natural inaccuracies and gives confidence. The outlines of the pictures should be smooth, without corners and complex bends. As the child grows up and the coloring technique is mastered, the number of small details in the figure increases, and the figure itself becomes more complex.
  3. In addition to motility, the volitional sphere of the baby also develops: after all, he needs to try very hard so as not to go beyond the boundaries of the drawing, he needs to learn to control the pressure of the pencil so as not to tear the paper. Coloring develops the perseverance and attention of the child.
  4. Coloring – the way into the world of fine art, into the world of creativity, this is the development of the artistic taste of the baby. You can invite the child to paint on, draw on, come up with the plot of the drawing, based on the content of the colorized. Mixing paints, getting new colors and shades is also a very creative, informative, interesting and even “magical” process for a child. The child will like it if you arrange a small vernissage of his works, show his coloring books to his family and friends. This will help him to be more confident in his activities.
  5. Coloring involves improving both the complexity of the drawing and the choice of tools. At first, it can generally be coloring with fingers using water (there are such coloring), then pencils, paints. When the baby begins to work with paints, make sure that there is not next to what could be spoiled by paint.
  6. Teach your child to make a choice. To do this, it is desirable that the coloring should be on separate sheets, from which the child will choose what he likes. When the choice is made, remove the remaining coloring from the child. Learn to complete what you started. If you notice that the child is not coping with coloring, then next time offer him simpler pictures that he can color in full.
  7. Pay attention to the colors that the child chooses – this may become a kind of diagnostic moment when painting.
  8. In my classes, I often offer parents with children the following task: mother ( most often mothers come) draws a figure, and the child paints it. Instead of parents, older children can draw.  Thus, we develop the skills of interaction between the baby and others and give him our attention.

Watching a child during coloring, you can draw a conclusion about the development of those qualities that I wrote about in the article.

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