Wedding Magician Sydney

10 Best Wedding Entertainment Ideas

A little romance goes a long way. Without going overboard and still remaining cool, the very best weddings manage to incorporate small elements of romance and elegance!

Wedding Magician Sydney

Your wedding entertainment along with magician Sydney and other entertainers are crucial in setting the mood for your day so what acts, in particular, should you be looking at this year to create that warm, fuzzy feeling at your wedding?

Rat Pack Singers

You can celebrate in effortless style with a Rat Pack Singers and Bands. There is something suave and special about this era of music that brings a touch of class to your wedding. The tempo of the tracks is perfect for dancing to and often have a really romantic and personal touch – without going overboard on cheese.

Fire Performers

Make a change to the traditional end of night fireworks and heat things up during the evenings with live fire performers. The flickering flames and amber glow of the fire are inviting to say the least and are something completely unexpected for your guests. Create special moments and surprises for a memorable night.

Gospel Choir

If you’ve seen a romantic comedy ‘Love Actually’ then you will know the impact a choir can make on your wedding. The sound of a choir is magnificent during weddings, especially during the ceremony where their grand voices can carry beautifully throughout your venue. If you are in a large venue or a church then the acoustics will be absolutely perfect for this!


You can well include a magician show Sydney at your wedding this year. This is a great new idea to try out as wedding magician Sydney are the best to try them out as party entertainers.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Something new and exciting will be added to entertain your wedding guests. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting offers something unique and memorable for your special day. They could be the perfect addition.


Why not more away for the traditional photo booth? Need to make your wedding guests feel like stars for the night? Trying to recreate the atmosphere of Hollywood?. Kick-off your wedding night with a bang and get our paparazzi gang snapping’ you and your guests on arrival! With flashbulbs popping and paps fighting for your attention, you’ll feel like real Hollywood star! Although we have not worked directly with companies that supply this service We have found a couple online that offer wedding paparazzi but we are sure there is lots more pop over to Chosen Events or Party Poppers.

Singing Waiters

Take ‘service with a smile’ to a whole new level by hiring a brigade of singing waiters to liven up your dinner. Keep it a secret from your guests until they suddenly burst into song for enhanced wow-factor.

Silent Disco

Have you looked into bringing the silent disco craze to your big day? Silent Disco weddings are becoming more and more popular due to the quirky nature it brings to a wedding but also the ability to ensure the party doesn’t stop when the music has to. Silent Disco Direct are hosting wedding entertainment up and down the country and yours should be the next. Find out more at Silent Disco


Many Falconry organizations can offer you a personal Falconry service in the grounds of your chosen venue providing the Venue is happy with it. Many offer a choice of a static display or flying demonstration you are sure to find the perfect package for you and your guests. Contact Chase Falconry for more details.

Wedding Harpist

If you are unsure about the acoustics of your venue then you can still create a romantic atmosphere with live music such as a Harpist. A solo musician like this is beautiful, personal and elegant. Not only is that but the harp an amazing looking instrument within itself. It stands tall and is hard to miss as the talented performer serenades both you and your guests.

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