Adventures You Can Only Have in Australia

Australia is a beautiful and varied country to live in, visit or explore! Too many of us take our surroundings for granted, so it’s really important to take the time to discover all the incredible opportunities, locations and adventures we can get stuck into right here at home! Whether you’re on holiday, looking for some fun domestically or you want to explore a different state than your own, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few exciting adventures that you can only have right here in Australia…

Climbing the Harbour Bridge

Feel like walking in the clouds? Head to Sydney! Walking over the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the best way to view the city, hands down – as long as you don’t mind working up a bit of a sweat of course! Gather together your most adventurous clan or join another group and make some new connections. The climb is thrilling, full of adrenaline and absolutely breathtaking (both due to the workout, and the stunning views!) You’ll be able to see the whole city and beyond, and if you’re climbing on a sunny day get ready to see glistening harbours, shining sand and amazing architecture. This really is an adventure you can only have here in Australia, so if it’s not on your bucket list now it absolutely should be.

Dive with Sharks

Sharks are some of the most elusive, scary and fascinating creatures, and most of us never make much if any contact with them. These guys are generally feared, but they can be amazing to get up close and personal with if done in the correct and safe way. Book yourself a cage dive or swim with sharks in an aquarium to meet one of these ferocious marvels. Connecting with nature is such a great way to feel completely alive, and sharks are the ultimate way to get your adrenaline fix. Australia is home to some of the best breeds of sharks so it’s the place to do it!

Go Camping!

Ah camping, is there any better way to spend a sunny weekend? Now, of course, you can go camping in any country, but the outdoor adventures you can have right here in Australia are amazingly unique and exciting! We are so lucky to have copious amounts of bush, beach, national parks, coast and deserts – all rife for the exploring! Pitching up or hopping in a camper will give you the key to the most relaxed, fulfilling and cost-effective break ever. You’ll completely switch off from your crowded, tech-filled life and connect with nature, your fellow campers and this glorious country. NSW is a perfect state for camping all year round, check out the best camping spots in NSW to find yourself the ideal campground for you!

Go Whale Watching

Have a whale of a time here in Australia! Whales are gorgeous animals and it is really quite lifechanging to see one out in its natural habitat. These guys are emotional, clever and massive, so get ready to be totally taken aback once you spy one! The day out on the boat is also just a lovely experience. Meet new friends from different backgrounds and learn all about Australia’s coast with an informative tour guide. These can involve a bit of splashing, so they can be great fun if the waves are energetic that day!

These are just some of the awesome experiences you can have in Australia, there are so many more! Discover it for yourself and find out why it’s one of the most liveable and exciting countries in the whole world.

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