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Unique dining room table designs to give a refreshing look to your dining room

If you are someone who looks for unique designs in your furniture, a random dining table will not suit your needs. In your quest to search for uniquely designed and manufactured dining tables, the finish of the furniture, material, shape, etc. are the differentiating factors.

To help you in your decision about buying the perfect modern dining table, we have come up with the trending design in modern dining tables for the upcoming year i.e. 2020.

Modern dining tables for a beautiful dining experience

1. Extendable dining table designs:

Extendable tables are the best space-saving pieces of furniture. They come in a variety of designs and finishes. You can buy 4-seater, 6-seater, or 8-seater pieces per your requirement. If you have a small apartment, then an extendable table is best for you.

2. Glass finish tables:

Glass finish tables are one of the most stylish designs in dining tables. It is very easy to clean and suits every type of home decor. When choosing a glass finish table for your dining room, go for a tempered glass finish, as it offers more safety to the glass.

Modern Dining Table

3. Square dining table set:

A square-shaped dining table looks elegant. It also is a great option for providing ample space for the setting. The best part of a square table – you can pair all types of chairs with your square table. You can also add a few artistic showpieces on the table for a more attractive look.

4. Contemporary dining sets:

Modern and contemporary dining tables are very popular in modern spaces. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made from glass, plastic, or any other kind of material with unique finishes, shapes, and colors.

5. Oval-shaped tables:

Oval-shaped dining tables are best for space lovers. These tables come in a variety of bases like broad or narrow base. You can place rectangular or round chairs all around the oval table, giving ample space to the diners.

6. Metal tables:

Metal tables are quite popular in the modern dining room table designs. They look stylish and adds a contemporary touch to the dining area. Though the tables are smaller than other table designs, they can fit in any type of area. They are easier to clean and last longer.

Modern Square Dining Table

7.Industrial table:

The industrial table is a very unique addition to your home. They are best for outdoor dining space in the garden area. In this, a simple wooden table is joined with a metal base. You can easily clean them and thus are preferred in the open area.

8. Rustic wooden tables:

They are a popular choice amongst the traditional table designs. If you love the traditional appeal of furniture, a rustic wooden table is best for you. It is very common in cabins and cottages. You can replace the wooden chairs with long benches when hosting large dinners.

We hope you liked our list of unique dining table designs. Modern dining tables come in various bases and material fusions. Glass table tops with wooden base, wooden tabletop with metal base, and so on. Hence, you can always pick a design that goes according to your home decor. For traditional lovers, rustic and wooden tables are the best options. Choosing between different combinations of materials, shapes, and sizes will be rewarding once you find the perfect dining table.

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