Getting high scores in class 9th

People believe that performing well in math subject is an inborn skill or something like that. But it is not true in reality because the skill can be developed by practice and practice is the key to success. Any student can score good marks by adopting great strategies and plan of actions. One must need to finish the syllabus thoroughly. Otherwise class 10th will be suffered a lot because the basics will be weak so no benefit of the complex things. In 10th students have board exams so it is advisable to be serious in earlier classes and develop the habit of practicing things. The units involved in the syllabus of class 10th are mentioned along with the marks devoted to each unit:

Units Unit Name Marks
I Number Systems 08
II Algebra 17
III Coordinate Geometry 04
IV Geometry 28
V Mensuration 13
VI Statistics & Probability 10
Total 80

In order to score good marks one must follow the right strategy and the right plan of action in order to succeed. Class 9th CBSE worksheets are available online through which help can be sought. The various pro level tips have been mentioned as follows:

  • Never miss classes: this is the key to good marks to never miss a class intentionally. Be there some urgent piece of work that is a different task. New concepts are taught each day and missing them will lead to missing the goals of good marks. In case one has missed a class it is the duty to learn the things on own then in order to cope up with the next class.
  • Homework completion: the homework must be completed every day in order to be regular and do practice of sums every day so that there is no situation of chaos at the time of exams. Through the homework one can get in depth knowledge and be the master of the subject. In order to be coordinated it is advisable to be in touch of things to achieve goals.
  • Make good friends: friendship is the weakest point of the person. So the friends must be made who are sincere and serious and always motivate to study. With them one can even plan group studies and have fun side by side. This is a good practice and helps to develop positive relations. One can even take tests of each other and doubt handling sessions can be effectively done.
  • Learn from mistakes: one should learn from mistakes of other people as well as own mistakes. Ignoring the mistakes can be dangerous. Repetition can lead to loosing the marks in the exams and we do not want to do that. Proper conclusions must be drawn from the mistakes and methods must be devised to correct them as soon as possible.
  • Master the algebra: higher classes involve good algebra skills. Hence one must master the equation solving skills so that there are no issues in future.

Following such tips daily and progressing each day will help to achieve the ultimate goals.  Math worksheets for class 9 CBSE is also available for the convenience of students.

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