How to Style a Cocktail Dress Perfectly


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Cocktail dresses are the epitome of elegance! Whether you’re heading to a casual formal, cocktail wedding or just a great party, a cocktail dress is going to be the perfect companion! Getting one of these into your wardrobe is a fantastic idea, the perfect glamorous dress that’s formal, but not too formal, is always going to be handy! Once you have your perfect frock for cocktail hour, you need to dress it up a little! Here are a few styling ideas to up the style of any type of cocktail wear

Gold Accents

Golden accents are the perfect way to add that extra hint of glamour to even the plainest cocktail dress. Chunky gold jewellery is one of the hottest trends at the moment, and it’s going to bring another level of style and class to that dress of yours. Rock a delicate choker with a longer, chunky chain necklace to start. Next, add some chunky mid-sized hoops, then a few chain bracelets and the odd ring here and there. Go for a messy bun, strappy heels and dark, inky eye makeup for a ridiculously simple yet stylish twist on cocktail hour. This one is great if you’re more of a minimalist dresser or you want to keep it pared-back for your special night.

Clever Contrast

Bringing contrast to a look is one of the best ways to switch up the feel of a dress. Colour pairings should be contrasting yet complementary and refined – you don’t want to look like Christmas, after all. For an understated take on this look, opt for a black dress with cream contrast. Resin is the best way to introduce colour with accessories, your clutch bag just doesn’t make that much impact. Find solid cream resin earrings, bangles and rings for an amazing 60s vibe. Try to stick to metals for your necklaces if you want to wear them, too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. Opt for a black clutch and some black mule heels to complete the ensemble.

Modern Bohemian

Hey, the bohemian goddess look will never go out of style, so why not wheel it out for your next special occasion! Hunt for an intricate silk kimono to really set the scene, add espadrilles, and a beaded clutch. Then, time for the jewellery! You need to get comfortable with having a lot on if you’re going to be a boho babe, so grab those strings of beads! Layering up different coloured beads and gemstones channels that eclectic traveller vibe perfectly. Go for loose beach waves or a French braid with minimal makeup to keep the look fresh.


Following trends is best done with accessories! This works well because they’re usually low cost and easily recyclable into lots of different looks. For a fashion-forward cocktail get-up, start with a headband, these are all the rage at the moment. A gorgeous dusty velvet pink will look pretty and polished. Next, some drop-down pearl earrings, a delicate lacy choker and some muted brown lipstick. You’ll look like you stepped right off the runway.

Classic Elegance

Sometimes, simple is best! A classic cocktail look is always going to be chic, so if in doubt go for timeless accessories. Pull your hair into a slick bun, add a string of pearls, dainty stud earrings and a pair of slingback heels. Some sheer stockings will completely this homage to Audrey Hepburn!

These are just some of the ways you can switch up a cocktail dress! Styling should be fun and creative, so don’t get too stuck in trying to look perfect and enjoy the process of accessorizing your frock!

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