How Important Is Cutting A Cake On Your Birthday?

This is the question which may not have any strong answer, but with many ides – how important is cutting a Birthday Cake on our birthday? The meaning of the birthday cake is totally pagan and served to celebrate the death or transcendence of the spirit to the beyond. It was with the passage of time that the mixture of Christian and pagan beliefs in addition to the culture of the West, which became a symbol to celebrate life. Cutting a cake on the birthday is a signature mark for celebration. Some people believe that there is no celebration if there is no birthday cake. Offering a slice of a delicious cake donates that how gentle personality you have. Sweetness spreads happiness thus it is supposed to be good if you offer a slice of the cake to your guests. Many people believe that making a wish while blowing up the candles before cutting the cake definitely comes true.

What is the ideology behind this?

According to historians, the ritual that the cake is sweet, has candles and is usually round comes for more than 5,000 years, in the cultures of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and more.  the worshipers of Artemis (the goddess of the night and the moon) celebrated their birthday with a cake based on flour and honey, round like the full moon, adorned with lit candles that they represented the light and brightness that the moon radiates, sending the message that Artemis was the moon that emanated light and brightness to the earth.

In popular belief candles have a special magical power to grant wishes. Burning candles and sacrificial fires have had a special mystical meaning. That meaning of fire has always been related to sacrifices and offerings. They believed that the smoke from the candles carried prayers to God, so the belief arose to make a wish before blowing the candles. Other historians argue that putting candles on birthday cakes is related to the use of candles in Western religions, both Christian and ancient.

Why it is important for you?

The tradition of putting a number of candles on the cake comes from Germany. For them the candlelight represents “the light of life.” But unlike us, we place the same number of candles as years of the celebration, they put a large candle with 12 marks representing the months. The brands range from 1 to 12 and let it be consumed until the month of the person who turns years.

Normally, we cut the cake because we want to welcome the coming days of our lives with gifts, sweets and blessings. We want to merge the happiness with others by giving them the pieces of the cake. We buy the cake as per our tastes and choices. Now, it is possible to order cake delivery online where we can get various design, flavors, theme cakes, etc. in affordable range. Want to send the birthday cake to someone else? You just need to order online and give the address. As simple as that.

What is the basic reason?

Yes, there are many popular beliefs that why we cut birthday cakes. But, if you want to know the basic reason, without any pagan beliefs, the reason behind this are mainly four – they get more slices and here you are much exaggerated with the amount of guests, the slices are more stable because there are no tips that break, each person can indicate how thick their piece wants, unlike diametric cuts, and we can welcome our future days with happiness and joy.

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