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How many type of packaging famous in Australia

Due to a wide variety of products, packaging manufacturers make various types of packagingEvery type serves various purposes and has some specialty. But some of them are becoming very popular these days, and people love to buy them. The following are some of the very famous packaging types that are liked by the people of Australia.

Sleeve packages

Sleeve boxes are very special kinds of packages that no one can hate. It is liked by everyone due to the elegant style it has. It is mostly made of cardboard materials. But package manufacturers can make them by using kraft paper as well on the demand of the customers. These types of packaging boxes consist of two parts. The first one is a covering sleeve, and the second one is the tray or a box that is covered by the first one. The upper part can be printed according to the requirements of the business. The inner part is generally printed by using embossing or engraving printing technologies. The following are some of their benefits.

packaging boxes


  • They can be used for a wide variety of products. But they are best fit for jewelry items, watches, mobile phones, clothing items, etc.
  • They provide good protection.
  • They are very stylish.

Shoulder box

Shoulder packages are famous for their unique appearance. These types of packaging for products are manufactured with sturdy cardboard materials. These packages consist of three parts. One is a base, a tray, and a lid. The tray is fixed inside the base, and the lid covers the tray. There is a sleek visible line between the base and lid when it is sealed. This line is the visible part of the tray. Generally, the base and the lid have the same texture, design, and colors, and the tray is manufactured in contrast colors. The following are some of their benefits that will show you their clear image.


  • They provide easiness in opening and closing.
  • They are very elegant and most of the people like them.
  • Many businesses use them to package their products like shoe businesses, jewelry brands, watch manufacturers, IT gadget firms, etc.

Rigid packaging

This is among the different types of packaging boxes that are very protective. These packages are manufactured with a high-quality rigid cardboard sheet. This sheet has increased thickness, that is the secret behind its immense sturdiness. This is useful to package many types of products. These packages can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes as per the requirements of the products. They can be printed with the required information. They are also laminated with a premium vinyl sheet to provide an enhanced look. They can also be manufactured with a creative die-cut window to showcase in style. The following are the benefits they provide.


  • They are the best for safeguarding different types of items.
  • They are strong and durable.
  • They can be reused in the daily life of the people.
  • They can be customized in numerous ways.
  • They are best for shipping purposes.

Carton package

Folding cartons are very popular not only in Australia but all over the world. This is because of their low cost and plenty of advantages. These types of packaging products are mostly made up of corrugated cardboard sheets. That provides good strength and durability to the package. They are temperature resistant up to some extent. Their size varies according to the requirements of the products. They generally have brownish color but can be printed with any kind of color. Modern technology allows the package manufacturer to print them with illustrations and images. The following benefits will make their position clearer.

packaging boxes


  • They are economical in cost.
  • They are readily available.
  • They provide good protection.
  • They are excellent for shipping on long routes.
  • They can be used for different types of products.
  • These are one of the types of packaging for foodthat is widely used by food businesses.

Personalized packages

These are among very special types of packages. Various types of packaging paper are used to manufacture them. Like kraft paper, cardboard sheets, corrugated materials, etc. are the most popular materials used to make them. As the name suggests, they are versatile and can be personalized in different shapes. The personalization is done to make it more connected with the targeted audience. Their shape can be personalized according to the specific events in the life of the customers. Like heart shape for Valentine’s Day, haunted shape for Halloween, Egg shape for Easter, etc. The following are some of their benefits.


  • People like them due to personalized shapes.
  • They represent the rich style of the brand.
  • They also provide enhanced unboxing experience.

Display box

This is among the different types of packaging that are used to showcase the product in style. They can be manufactured with Kraft paper, corrugated materials, cardboard stock, etc. They are opened from the upper side so people can see the items they are carrying. They may have holders or dividers to carry multiple products. They can be printed with alluring designs and color schemes. The following are their benefits that will leave you amazed.


  • They are excellent for display purposes.
  • They can be used for shipping a wide variety of products.
  • They improve the visibility of the products.

Flip-top box

This kind of packaging is mostly used by food businesses. It is generally manufactured with cardboard or corrugated materials to provide good safety to the items. These types of packaging food boxes are safe as they do not contaminate the items with toxic chemicals as their counterparts do. They have different sizes and shapes according to the requirements of various products. As the name suggests, they have a foldable lid to provide ease in opening the box. These are their benefits.


  • They are safe, so many types of products can be packed in them.
  • They provide easiness to the customers in opening and closing them.

There are various types of packaging boxes that are liked by many businesses. The aforementioned are some of the most popular ones that are trending these days. If you want to buy, you can easily choose among the above ones as their benefits are also written in this article.



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