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While on shopping, many people often prefer plastic bags as some people do not give much importance to the recyclable bags and the green concept. They keep following what is in the norms. When one gets aware of how plastic bags affects us and our surroundings, then everyone will prefer to go green with reusable bags. Plastic bags are not eco-friendly, and when they set off on the lands, they don’t get dissolved in the soil and stand for years. In short, it is impossible to get rid of the plastic bags, therefore, we should definitely be out of the use of such weird toxic bags.

At the same time, if we use reusable bags, which is the best and convenient step to go green, we will definitely protect our environment. You can use the reusable mesh produce bags once bought, and with proper maintenance, they can be used again, and again as many times as you want. There are different sizes of cotton mesh bags available that provide enough space for carrying your shopping content.

Top Reasons to Use Your Own Reusable Bag For Shopping

Cotton grocery bags are the most common types of bags that are extremely inexpensive. This keeps tons of carbon out of the air by reducing the use of plastic bags and here are other top reasons to carry your own reusable bag:

Save the environment and animal’s life

Bringing your own bag to the grocery store means that no more plastic bags will end up in a landfill or other places and thus the living of the animals won’t get affected.

Save money

Today, many of the grocery stores offer a discount when you carry your own bags. Prior checking out, enquire your cashier if they provide with bag discounts. Typically stores charge per bag, and by bringing your own bag you could save enough money per year which will result in greater savings.

Help keep clutter down

When you use plastic bags, you have to find a storage place for all of them. Plastic bags heap up under the sink and at times, in the pantry and fell on the floor when the storage bin is completely full.

Perfect bag material

Cotton mesh bags have good thermal resistance and it causes moisture evaporation on the fabric and will not damage the fibers. The cotton fabric bag maintains proper circulation in the bag and prevents bacteria from breeding.

Improve environmental safety

Another reason why individuals make use of cotton bags is because of its environment-friendly features. With the use of such bags, individuals can reduce pollution and can prevent the harmful effect of plastic on animals. Cotton bags can help to get rid of drainage issues as well as allergies that are caused by plastic bags.

How to Make Proper Use of Reusable Grocery Bags

• Reusable shopping bags are required to be washed after every use as you launder a kitchen towel. The cleaning is especially critical for bags that are used for carrying meats, and precooked foods.

• You must need to have more than one bag and label every single bag for carrying different items. Keep a separate bag for different products such as dry goods, meat, dairy, cleaning supplies, etc. There are different designs available in the reusable bags or you can use a different-colored bag for each type of purchased item.

Maintaining a separate bag for different items will prevent cross-contamination.

• Try to consider purchasing cotton reusable mesh bags because they have naturally anti-mold and have antimicrobial properties.

• Do not leave the used cotton bag in the car, as the heat in the car can multiply the bacteria in the bag.

When you purchase a reusable grocery bag, they sometimes have labels with instructions on how to wash them and you should follow those directions. If the bag doesn’t have any such instructions on it or it is a woven bag then you can wash it in hot water with your usual detergent. Turn the bag inside out before washing, and put it into hot water. The hot water helps in removing the dirt and also kills all harmful bacteria. It is very easy to wash cotton reusable bags and they get air-dried very quickly without putting into the dryer. Mesh bags, either manufactured or hand-knit they should be hand washed in hot water and allowed to air dry. It is required to skip the chlorine bleach as it can damage and weaken the bag fibers.

Cotton mesh produce bags are one of the most ideal reusable bags. You just need to buy a bag of perfect size to carry your daily shopping items. If you start using such bags, you will definitely see their long-term benefits on the environment so, use reusable bags and also convince others to follow such a positive trail.

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